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Discussion items


10minQuestion about what should happen when a service point changes from pickup loc to not a pickup loc
Clear idea of whether FOLIO should alert staff or not when a pickup point changes, and if so, how.
15minManual fine/fees and notices 

15minnotice policy/logic related to loansDarcy Branchini

as neededcirc rules exerciseopportunity for SMEs to ask any additional questions about the circ rule exercise

Meeting Outcomes

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue


Request pick up location (Tania)

  • Possibility 1: Alert staff member as they edit service point that there are open requests using the service point
  • Possibility 2: Alert staff when item is checked in and alert them that service point needs to be changed
  • Use both: alert staff member so they know to edit all the open requests with that service point as pick up location, and the second alert acts as a fail-safe if you miss one (or several).
    • Possibility 2 is mandatory, and possibility 1 is a really nice addition
  • Possibility 1 would be an alert, but not prevent you from making the change

Other question raised about service points and patrons' default pickup location, and Tania thought Cate Boerema might better able to speak to that.

Manual fees/fines and notices (Darcy)

Discussing how to send out notices and receipts for manual fees and fines.

Confirmed: during a charge-and-pay scenario for a manual fee, there is a notify patron checkbox. If checked, the notify patron checkbox has an place to enter additional information other than the staff information.

New scenario: setting up a manual fee, but not immediately paid:

  • Darcy passes on Andrea's feedback: Duke would not send individual charge notices out, just a notification once the patron has reached a threshold
  • Differs from Chicago, which would prefer to send notices in the threshold situation and as they're charged

Question: how generic or specific are notices for manual fees and fines?

  • Even if you have specific notices, need a generic fallback
  • Even if you have a generic notice, may want to break out notices for individual types of charges
  • Not notifying by default on all types of charges
  • If you have a fallback option, then you are always sending some kind of notice
  • Solution: no fallback option (acceptable even to schools with a large number of manual fees/fines), and can select generic notice, specific notice, and no notice for each type of charge

Discussing the above, other past decisions were stated:

  • Always notify patron about pay/waive/transfer
  • Whether or not staff comments are required are an institutional setting

Darcy also proposed adding categories to the notices, so that selecting when selecting notices in the manual fees/fines table, you'd be able to choose from the ones that made sense. The group agreed this was a good plan. 

Circ rules exercise (Sean)

Sean asked for questions about the circ rules exercise. 

  • What was the goal? To understand what challenges we would run into if we expand the loan rules editor to handle not just loan policies, but policies connected to requests, fines/fees, and notices.
  • If we have hundreds of locations, do we need to write up all of them? No. Be kind to yourself and just write a little note in the commentary field about "we'd actually use this same policy for every single location" instead of writing all the rules for those locations out (and same goes for patron groups, material types, loan types)