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Discussion tems

  • Notetaker - Cheryl Malmborg
  • Call for new RA rep to the Forum Facilitators group (meetings are Wednesdays 3pm EST, usually only 30 minutes)
  • Interest in working with UM SIG on reports?

5minCornell updateDeb Lamb

10minAnonymized loansAnonymized loans: proxy borrowersDecide: when anonymization is manual, what triggers a proxy borrower being removed from a loan?
10minPaging requestsCate BoeremaAre page requests needed if the allowed statuses for holds are configurable? If so, why?Decision on whether both holds and pages are needed and, if so, why.
30minChalmers requests reviewFirst adopter Chalmers University has asked for some changes.

Discussion and decision on Chalmers' suggested changes:

  1. Items awaiting pickup popup at check out

  2. Is it okay for the check in modals to include the name of the requester?

  3. Create request from Item record in lieu of item search and select popup (just until we get item search and select)

  4. Should settings that impact due date actually reside in the Loan policy as opposed to the Request policy?

10minPermissionsHolly MistlebauerPermissions needs for Aster vs. longer term

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Link to Supporting Materials


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue
LoansEmma Boettcher
Proxy borrowers are removed from the loan if and only if the proxy's sponsor isProxy does not "own" the loan; the person who borrowed the item should be in control of what happens to it

  1. Items awaiting pickup popup at checkout:
    Agreed this is a good idea (filed feature: UXPROD-1367)

  2. If we are going to put requester names on check in modals, that has to be configurable (filed feature: UXPROD-1366)
  3. Creating request from item record seems like a good feature to everyone (filed


  4. No decision on whether settings should live in Request policy or Loan policy. SIG is tired of talking about it. Cate will discuss with developers whether one option is preferrable over the other and get back to the group.

  5. Other request policy agreements:
    1. Need setting for "guaranteed minimum loan period"
    2. For recalls, use Recall return interval OR current due date, whichever is sooner
  1. Items awaiting pickup popup at checkout:
    • Agreed this is a good idea (filed feature: UXPROD-1367)

    • In OLE you can choose whether the popup only shows items available at this service point or any service point

    • Just at this service point would be the default

    • If we could show it without confusion in one popup, that might be okay

      1. Awaiting pickup here: jfajlj

      2. Awaiting pickup elsewhere:

    • 99% of people choose to have all their items delivered to one service point.

  2. For privacy reasons, not all institutions want this data displayed
  3. ---
  4. ---
Request policy mockup
Fees/Fines PermissionsHolly Mistlebauer
  1. Fees/Fines: Can view

  2. Fees/Fines: Can charge

  3. Fees/Fines: Can pay

  4. Fees/Fines: Can waive, refund and cancel for institution

  5. Fees/Fines: Can waive, refund and cancel for owner

  6. Fees/Fines: Can transfer

The same type of people will be given the waive, refund and cancel permission, so might as well put those actions together.  Transfer is something different, which not all libraries have, so we kept it separate. UXPROD-1249

The RA SIG had previously agreed to one fee/fine permission for all settings.

For Q4 2018 there will be one setting for all actions–that's all Chalmer needs.


1 Comment

  1. The meeting discussions are well summarized in the Meeting Outcomes notes.  In the discussions of requests the need for both hold and page request types was confirmed.  They are usually applied to different item availability statuses, but also will have different rules based on patron group and location. The workflows and notices will be different.