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Confirm whether we have enough people & if we'll all be in the right mindset to meet before and after Thanksgiving Day
5minPrint slips default mockup reviewCate BoeremaUser story: of mockup and implementation details.
10minReal time vs. scheduled notices
Darcy Branchini

15minCheck in alertsEmma Boettcher
Decision: When an item that is missing, lost, etc. is checked in, is this an alert or a request for confirmation? If time, expand to suppressed items in Inventory.
25minLoan rules editor - review/pre-view Sean ThomasDiscussion: Refresher on the original Loan Rules editor in design and function. Preview on enhancing for Circ Rules editing - using real data from SIG exercise.SIG re-familiarized with loan rules editor

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Link to Supporting Materials


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue
Service points and check in modalsCate BoeremaQ4, Q1

Mockups shown are good

Print by default should be checked by default for new service points

UIORG-122 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LoansEmma BoettcherQ1 2019Treat outlier statuses such as missing, aged to lost, etc. which can trigger other actions as check in confirmations, not alertsIt allows the most flexibility


RA SIG 11-8-18



When checking in a missing item, we could have three options:

  • a modal popup that completes the check-in
  • an option to back out of checkout
  • nothing

Concern is not to lose patron information. If we can get to borrower info, there is no real reason to cancel out of the check-in. If there is a suppression on the record (and now needs to be unsuppressed), need to have that fact noted (to be retrieved through a report) or the record updated.

If the item wasn’t checked out to anybody, just confirm the message. Don’t worry about what-if.


Darcy: real-time generation of notices vs scheduled generation of notices

  • Decided not to include an “Until” setting because other events (such as checking in the item) will automatically stop the notices from continuing
  • Add radio button override option for running notice on real time or batch job (default set on institution level)
  • Batch scheduler will have to be constructed


Sean: Policies

Loan rules editor: basic syntax

  • there is an editor for the loan rules that allows you to put in criteria
  • combination of material type, patron type, policy #
  • use plus sign to combine criteria
  • colon is used to link criteria to a policy
  • ! is used as exception
  • tabs can be used to nest rules
  • space is used to include multiple values

Fall back policies for Loans, Fines, Holds, Recalls, Notices

When policy is undefined, it uses the default policy

Inheritance is denoted by brackets []

To be continued Monday.

Andrea not in on Monday.