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Andrea Loigman  (RA convener)

Elizabeth Chenette   (RA)

Charlotte Whitt  (MM P.O.)

Andy Horbal  (RA)

Lisa McColl  (MM)

Jana Freytag (RA)

Notes (please feel free to edit, thanks) :

  • slide deck by Charlotte:
  • Mock up of the Fast add record - template
  • Feedback on the slides
  • From the meeting:
    • default ressource types will be 'other'
    • Metadata source  will be set by the system an can not be changed here - should it be displayed here?
    • Contributer type will be set as Name by default
    • Identifier Type will have the text 'select identifier type' as default
    • The status will be set to available by default and not be editable (possible in item record in inventory)
    • it would be good to have another accordeon for course reserves

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  1. That all looks good with the additional note that the other accordion for course reserves (last item in the list is necessary) . thing I need to check is, if this fast add functionality will be a pop-up type screen that could be activated from another module. For instance, if you are in the CR module and a course and want to create a fast-add record,  could the user select a button that would bring up fast add.  If that were the case, then I'd assume the CR developers could automatically add that item record to the Course listing?

    In the Instance record, the Identifier type and identifier fields are marked as mandatory.  I don't think they should be? Certainly for Course reserves it's not required.