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Update on Off site storage development work and it is happening, Cate is handling this
30minCall numbersDisplay inconsistencies (con't from 3/28)

--clear explanation of enumeration, chronology, volume, and year, caption (from Charlotte Whitt) - slide deck:

Enumeration - v. no.1 descriptive of serial item, Chronology; year, season, month can be expressed as a number as well

Enum/Chronolgy- and can have only chronology

Map inventory holdings to export holdings to other systems

Monographs multi-part item can have year or volume information or both to describe item

Implemented enumeration and chronology and Q2 to display concatenate both enumeration and chronology

Item record: call number, volume, enumeration and copy

Questions: Requests do we display item level data yes from the item record-Call number storage in holdings record - when temporary call number (reserve); do we have temporary location and permanent location for both item and holdings --can temporary and permanent call numbers be edited on both the item and holdings level

Call number subgroup : need volunteers to work with Charlotte and Emma–David Bottorff, Susan and Andrea

Continued: call number fields (from Charlotte Whitt) - slide deck:
--what call number-related fields need to be sorted on in a display like Loans, besides location
--to what extent can we concatenate that information in a display both in a sortable list and in a details display (Loan details, individual request, etc.)

25minRecently returnedEmma BoettcherTrigger actions

decisions on what triggers the flip from recently returned to available & how that is scheduled

Recently returned: switch from recently returned and then shelving lag time then change to available; when does timer start for recently return item at first scan or second scan; concern will the system have to scan for recently returned all day or should it be an overnight batch job- similar functionality for hold shelf expiration Cate will find out about this functionality–concerns about system performance if in "real time"

Recently returned timing- what increments hour/less hour–batch job is fine for some institutions–questions about reserves items have different increments for recently returned- no need to hold up development for this feature but we should add a JIRA for this feature to be done at some point

Setting for batch job to be done and change status–different lag times for different service points-Use case - check in bindery materials and change to recently returned and bindery materials not shelved and checked in second time maybe a workflow status or location could solve this QUESTION service points or locations to use in lag time for recently returned?

Question: do we need a report or in app report to examine recently returned–should be a report for statuses

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
LoansEmma Boettcher
Recently returned → available is established relative to the time of scan, not the time of status becoming recently returned
  • May have to batch this for performance
  • Service point an item was checked in at is key information
  • Future nice-to-have: shelving lag time relative to item location, accounting for process