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Andrea Loigman   

David Bottorff

Beth Chenette

Joanne Leary

Darcy Branchini

Emma Boettcher

Erin Nettifee

Anya Arnold

Mark Canney

Discussion Items

  • Notetaker  - 
  • Reminder  - no meeting June 17.  Still need a decision on June 20?
  • Please look at user screens and functionality in in preparation for a discussion next week.
25minItem recordCirc Statistics on item recordReview wireframe, determine definition of elements

20minCirc rulesLocations in circ rules, con't.Review wireframes for Location-related menus in the Circ Rules Editor. Seeking agreement/feedback.
10minUser recordAndrea LoigmanUsability of user recordDetermine what, if anything, is missing or needs to be changed to make users fully functional (

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019

LoansEmma Boettcher

Circulation statistics on item record: show last check in date (i.e., system date/time of last scan in Check In app), service point of scan, and operator of scan. In table, # of loans and in-house use, broken out by effective location at time of check out and with date/time of loan & in-house use. Empty state: do not show effective location if it had 0 locations & in-house uses. 

Will not show previous loan information, so long as there can be a link to the proposed circulation log
LoansEmma Boettcher
Return date : clarify whether this is system date vs. backdated date either in field or in action log. Return date should also include any date/time the loan was closed, not just through return (may require label change)
LoansEmma Boettcher
Gap analysis UXPROD-447 : Group did not feel that it would be productive to split the feature into two separate onesNeed to revisit with European libraries


No German contingent today - they have a national holiday.

Emma - Circ Statistics on the Item Record

Slide - "At a Glance" wireframe for Circulation Statistics

  • Most recent check in - may be recent loan, may not be.
  • Previous Loan - Return Date, Borrower (if not anonymized.)
  • Q: Can we include the last operator who touched the item? Maybe next to the Service Point?
  • Q: What permissions are involved in this view?
  • Q: How does this relate to a circulation log feature? This seems like a circulation log history. Where will that be going? A: We had a conversation about at-a-glance information, vs. the deep dive. It had seemed like it would be helpful to see the information in the at-a-glance feature. Because this is part of the item record, it had not been seen as something that would be filtered or interacted with. It's not intended to replace a circulation log. We still need to discuss how to get to that and what it looks like. Q: This might be a place to link to a circ log?
  • Q: Can we add info if something was recalled? 
  • Seems to be general consensus that this view is OK. If we need to do more research, we need a lot more detail - but that's not really appropriate for this interface.
  • David - whether you call this a closed date, or a return date - you really want to see actual time, but there are circumstances where an item return date might have been overridden - but again, that's something that you would only need in certain scenarios, and in those scenarios you are digging earlier.
  • Andrea - can there be an indicator if there's a difference in date/time that might prompt you to understand if something was strange? Same thing could be true about most recent check - in too.
  • So maybe we don't need the Previous Loan info there? Some consensus. A: OK, but only if we have an easy to link to get to the circ loan history. Presumably this could also make permissions easier to control too.
  • So "Most recent check in" is really, really referencing the Check-In app - so not an item status change or something just touching the record.

Loan details also has a Return Date - is that still the right label for that? Does it need to have a reflection if the loan was backdated? 

  • Amherst: This loan table should have the backdated date, since this seems to be where you would be researching fines/fees.
  • You want to be able to see backdate AND system date, especially in cases of managing fines.
  • Would a backdate show up in the Action Date? Emma - good question, and not sure. She thinks it would be system date.
  • Joanne - people can backdate incorrectly. So it would be nice to see the backdate action clearly identified.
  • Maybe the backdated time can display in the comments? Or as part of the Action.
  • David: Instead of Return Date as loan, it should be Loan Closed date. And the Action Details tell you why.
  • So consensus on changing the label name - to Loan Closed.

Back to At-A-Glance view.

  • Item Use Table. Includes Locations, Loan numbers, dates? In-house use.
  • Dates allows you to more understand numbers - 100 loans this year is different than ten years ago.
  • Q: What is this telling us? Why do we need it? A: Aleph has nice counts of use, Andrea finds it useful. Helpful in deciding how hard to chase something, or understand context of item history.
  • Q: Should it be last date? What if someone is keeping an item and consistently renewing? 
  • Q: Should Loans include current loans / historical loans? A: Yes - should include current loans - useful for all sorts of ways, and makes the first loan an item has, the information looks correct.
  • This view would be used by a lot of selectors.
  • Q: What info displays if there's no loans? A: If it hasn't yet circulated, does it need a loan use indication in the circ history (Andrea) 
  • Advantages to both. Consensus - this view will show only if an item has circulated in a location.

Darcy - Patron Notices

  • Tokens - Request Cancellation Reasons
  • Cancel Reason -- if there is nothing in the public description, do we show patron the label? Answer: Yes.


  • Bellis - Users Area. Meeting at Face to Face --- what else do we need? Or what else is missing? Or what about the layout of the screen?

Erin - will send Instance survey to RA SIG mailing list.
Cheryl -- had a chance to review the User record, and found a lot of problems.  She will email her notes to Andrea.

Emma - feature
UXPROD-447 - Anonymizing / Scrubbing loan data relating to fees/fines

  • Label is confusing, and there are two aspects of this that got Frankenstein'ed together. May make sense to split.
  • If she creates a separate feature, and split work - first part, keep loan information when it has a fee fine. Second - sometimes, I want to scrub even the fees/fines.
  • Second part - may not be go-live for everyone. 
  • Lots of crickets. Not sure splitting will necessary lead to changing / de-prioritization.
  • Emma will consider and may revisit when Germans are on the call.