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Discussion Items

2minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
10minfines/feesHolly MistlebauerRemove "Refund" button on Fees/Fines History page?Determine if button should be removed.  We would still be able to do refunds one at a time, from the ellipsis menu on Fees/Fines History and from the "Refund" button on Fee/Fine Details.
15minfines/feesTwo changes:  1. Identify manual charge fee/fine type for actual cost; 2. Add "Default" for Fee/Fine Types using default notice(s)Approve at least change 1 which is starting.  Change 2 is not critical.
10minfines/feesHolly MistlebauerRefunding fees/fines impact on Fee/Fine DetailsUnderstanding of how the amounts should be handled.
25minRequestsCate BoeremaRequest handling when item is marked Declared lost, Withdrawn or Missing
- What should happen when an item that has one or more open requests on it is Declared lost, Withdrawn or Missing?
- Current behavior is that the Request status becomes "Open - Not yet filled"
- But what then happens to those requests? How does the staff know to cancel them or move them?
- Deck for discussion:
- Goal is to answer questions in deck

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Holly Mistlebauer - 

  1. Fine/Fees Refund Button - Discussion on whether or not to remove the "Refund" button on the Fines/Fees history page.  Should the "Refund" button be treated the same as the "Error" button which is used selectively and only available in ellipses. Holly asked how many libraries do refunds on a regular basis.  Some libraries do give refunds on a regular basis.  Question asked if access to do refunds can be set in permissions to allow designated staff to handle refunds.  
  2. Manual Charges for Fines/Fees - Discussed need to identify manual charge fee/fine type for actual cost for developers and the need to add "Default" for Fee/Fine types using default notice(s). Through lengthy discussion it was determined that Holly will develop a demo to show at the next meeting to show how the table works.
  3.  Refunding fees/fines impact on Fee/Fine Details - Discussed refunding for two types of transactions, refund to the patron and a Bursar refund. Suggestion made to change wording of "refund" to "credit" to show amount credited to the patron or to Bursar.  Concerns expressed on how the credit will show on the patrons account in the end.  Holly will update for the MVP version and present changes at the next meeting. 

Cate Boerema - 

  1. Request handling when item is marked Declared lost, Withdrawn or Missing - Discussed impact of these statuses on requests. Cate listed a set of questions that she would like the group to answer.  Andrea asked everyone to review set of questions and be ready to discuss at the next meeting.