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Discussion Items

2minAdministrivia Andrea Loigman
30minLostHolly Mistlebauer  + Cate Boerema & Emma BoettcherDiscuss priority/timing of finishing 'declared lost using actual cost' versus 'aged to lost.' The Core: Functional Team is working on both so we need to get the timing straight for planning purposes. When is each needed? What work arounds are available?

Decide order of work, if there is a workaround that can be developed to assist, etc.

Slide deck:

20minSearchingItem search and select popup

Item search and select popup is like the user search and select but for items. Used to browse and select an item record when you don't have the barcode in hand. This is needed for check out, check in, requests and possibly also acquisitions.

Kimie has a mockup for review and discussion.

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Link to supporting materials


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue
Fee/FinesHolly MistlebauerPurpose of discussion is to decide on releaseOrder of work will be:  1) Aged to lost set cost; 2) Declared lost actual cost; 3) Aged to lost actual costSee slide deck at right


Holly Mistlebauer  presented discussion of Aged to Lost/Declared Lost with actual cost and set cost logic.

Aged to Lost (UXPROD-87) is a go-live requirement for many US Libraries but ranked lower for non-US. The development time is marked "Jumbo > 45 days".

Aged to lost is an item status, system assigned. But not available yet. Other user stories involve notices, fees/fines, blocks, etc. Development is moving from UNAM to Core to improve development velocity. Holly identified four paths for development:

Declared Lost using "set cost". UXPROD-2548. Mostly completed, still need to add impact to fees/fines in case of renewal. Also, need to work on patron notices.
Declared Lost using "actual cost", UXPROD-2391.
Aged to Lost using "set cost". UXPROD-87.
Aged to Lost using "actual cost", UXPROD-87.

Who needs what, when?

1. Declared lost using actual cost
2. Aged to lost using set cost
3. Aged to lost using actual cost

Prioritization from discussion:

#1. Declared lost using actual cost
#2. Aged to lost using set cost
#3. Aged to lost using actual cost

See slides to view/add discussion: