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Discussion Items

2minAdministrivia Andrea Loigman
3minRemote storage integration small group

Anastasiia Zakharova has recently taken on the role of PO for remote storage integration.  She has begun a discussion with a group of folks who have worked on or expressed interest in the topic before, but we thought it would make sense to form a more official small group.  Our thought was that each institution that uses remote storage could supply a maximum of 2 SMEs (one from RA and one from MM).  One SME is also fine.  This would provide expertise around accession (MM) and circulation (RA) while keeping the group focused and small.

10minFast add Cate BoeremaFast add permissionsPer discussion with the developers, we can create CRUD fast add permissions that leverage the existing inventory CRUD APIs but hide the Inventory app. Normally we don't create ui permissions that hide functionality that would accessible via direct access to API, but in this case it seems like it should be okay since fast add record CRUD really is instance, holding and item CRUD. Do folks agree?
5minAnonymization Anonymization default settingsDecide what default behavior should be before tenants change it (recommendation: never)
Brooks TravisProhibiting "local" page requestsRaise topic for consideration and initial feedback


Emma BoettcherRecording canceled check ins: update last check in date on item record?When an item is scanned in the check in app but check in is canceled, should that be reflected in last check in date?
5minSupport ticketsAnya Arnold and Kelly DrakeDiscussion time for any issues being reported by institutions that have gone live.

Meeting Outcomes

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
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Remote storageTBD

People like this idea and will discuss internally who the right SMEs should be for the small group.

Please add your SMEs for Remote storage small group along with their area of expertise (e.g. MM, RA) to this page: Remote storage integration subgroup  Remember, please no more than two SMEs per org.

Fast addQ3 2020SMEs are okay with having the Fast add permission use the existing Inventory create permission.

AnonymizationEmma Boettcher
Default to Never in settings

Recording failed check insEmma Boettcher
Update last check in date if check in doesn't succeed, so long as it is clear what has happened


It was agreed that the formation of a Remote Storage Integration subgroup was a good idea. Institutions that use remote storage are encouraged to contribute one or two SME's (either one from RA or MM, or one from each). Contact Anastasia (see Meeting Outcomes above) if you are interested.

It was agreed that a good solution regarding Fast Add permissions would be to have a Fast Add creation permission. The UI would restrict access to only the Fast Add fields. This will reduce the risk of mistakes.

It was agreed that the default setting for the setting governing when to anonymize loans should be 'Never'. The setting can be changed as desired ('Never', 'After __ interval', 'Immediately'). Cornelia asked about being able to see when the setting was last changed. Emma agreed this should be possible to do. It was agreed that it would be good to have a log that recorded all changes to settings.

Regarding canceled check-ins, it was agreed that it would be nice to have the check-in date updated if the display made it very clear that the item had not been checked in. If the date of canceled check-ins cannot be easily distinguished from the date of successful check-ins, it would be best to not have canceled check-in dates shown at all. The next step will be to determine how the canceled check-in date could be shown in a manner that makes it clear the check-in was canceled, and get agreement from the group.

There was general agreement that the capability to stop patrons from being able to request pick-ups from the library where the item resides is desirable. Duke has and uses this feature currently and would not like to lose this capability in FOLIO. Cate will do research on this and put it on the agenda for a future meeting.

It was agreed that having a standing 5 minutes in the Monday meetings (which meet shortly after the Support SIG's meeting) to discuss issues/bugs raised by institutions that have gone live is a good plan.

Darcy asked what the maximum number of pick-slips at a given search point queued to print at a time was. It was agreed that there could up to 500 pick-slips at a time from a given service point.

Deb asked about the ability to have a report that consolidates paging slips, and about the ability to print out only those that list items the library actually has on the shelf at the time. A consolidated report should be possible in Goldernrod.