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Discussion Items

10minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
  • Questions about sessions (don't know if we'll have answers) 
  • WOLFcon Sched - those not attending in person can still use the tool to track the sessions they want to attend
  • I'll send out info on remote access to these meetings as soon as I've got it.
15minItem Status Emma BoettcherItem status display tweaks

Prioritize UI enhancements to displaying item status

15minRequestsView item requests on instance recordReview deck:
Get feedback
10minRequestsCate BoeremaSearching by instance identifiers (esp ISSN and ISBN) in Requests- Chalmers has requested that we support ISBN and ISSN searching in the Requests app
- Their preference is to make this accessible from the single search box that already exists in Requests
- Any concerns with this?
- Should we also include all the other instance identifier types? Per developers, it's actually easier to support searching of all than it is to limit down to just one or two types
- Current assumption is that we need to do the same ISBN normalization as we will do in Inventory for search

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached



View requests on item:


Searching requests by ISBN and ISSN

  • RA SIG members didn't have many use cases for this functionality
  • One use case mentioned, though, was if there is an series or book series, it can be hard to find in catalog, might be easier to search with ISSN in Requests
  • Despite the lack of use cases, the RA SIG didn't object to adding this functionality
  • They did wonder about the use cases (I mentioned they related to orders and acquisition  but didn't have the details)
    • RA SIG questioned whether it might be better to add something to the acquisitions app, if that is where the use case originated
    • It was also mentioned that some institutions won't feel comfortable allowing acquisitions folks to access Requests
  • Cate to get more specifics on use cases from Chalmers and return to SIG

Item statusEmma Boettcher
  • Displaying destination service point in Loan data & availability section is of interest
  • Displaying item status date closer to item status is of interest
  • Obscuring Checked out status w/ due date not of interest, but may want to display due date somewhere else other than just the Loan data & availability section. Will consult mockups based on card sorting. 


Andrea asked that RA members take a look at the Clusters from RA report and ask their institution to rank the reports.

Andrea reported that while WOLFcon is supposed to have Zoom access to all meetings, this Is still being worked out, and links to Zoom meetings are not currently available. The link to the WOLFcon schedule can be found in the Discussion items above (the specifically RA meetings are taking place on January 22).

Emma asked for feedback regarding Chalmers request for changes in the display of item status information. It was agreed that showing the status date closer to the item status would be helpful. It was also agreed that showing the destination service point for in-transit items was a good idea in the Item Status screen, but not to have this information shown in the other areas where item information appears. Chalmers also asked about having the Due Date of an item shown as the Item Status when an item is checked out, and having the Due Date do double duty as both indicating the item is Checked Out and when the item is due. It was agreed that this could be problematical, so it was recommended that this not be implemented. It was agreed, however, that it would be nice if the due date could be found more easily than is the case in the current FOLIO version. Cate mentioned that this has been discussed, but agreed that the matter should be brought up again in consultation with members of the MM SIG.

Cate brought up the use case View item requests on instance records. It was agreed that adding a button to open a popup to show the items with their request queue was a good idea, but Enumeration and Chronology information needs to be included, but that having the whole effective call number was neither necessary nor advisable. Due Date information should also be displayed in order to be able to give the patron an idea as to when to expect the requested item. It was agreed that the title of the item should be in the header of the pop-up. There was a question as to whether material type also needs to be included to deal with the case when, for example, an item may have a separately barcoded CD supplement that accompanies a book.

The Chalmers request to be able to search requests by ISBN/ISSN was discussed. Andrea raised privacy concerns with having this feature. Cate will look at the use cases for this, and will bring up the matter at the next RA SIG meeting. The point was made that searching by ISSN may be helpful in finding some difficult to find items.