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Discussion Items


Please give Feedback to Ann-Marie Breaux

and please review this PPT and send any questions, comments, or concerns. You should be able to comment in the PPT.  


Notices with multiple fee/fine charges and actions

Want to review use cases and requirements before we start to work on developmemnt.


Follow up on impact of recalls on loans


Unavailable status: circ actions

Agree on circ handling of unavailable status given potential CDL/ETAS applications

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Link to supporting materials


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue
Requests: Allowing recalls on overdue items to extend due dateR1 2021
  • Prefer to have the "Allow recalls to extend due dates on overdue loans" checkbox on the loan policy
  • Ideally, there would be an "Alternate recall return interval for recalls on overdue items"
  • If we can't get the alternate recall return interval, we need to do the thin thread (using existing recall return interval) as it will be a go-live blocker for some
  • However, the alternate recall return interval is highly desirable
  • Cate will speak with the developers to understand options

Recalls: Notifying patrons when their loaned item has a queue of recalls TBD
  • Popup is very valuable and Chicago had that added to OLE
  • Not highly ranked for Chicago because they don't often run into the situation where there is a recall queue before checkout (they only do recalls for faculty)
  • GBV and Mo State seemed to prefer the courtesy notice based on the overdue and recalled trigger (assuming that is possible with that trigger - the trigger hasn't been implemented yet and Cate Boeremadidn't fully understand what would  be possible with it.)

CDL, ETAS, and item statusR1Separate ETAS and CDL in future discussions


1. Janna - administrativa. 

a. Ann Marie looking for feedback in slack channel on inventory tags:

b. Also, help is needed with testing in Bugfest - circulation, requests, loan policies.

2. Darcy. Presented slides relating to UXPROD-2252.  Multiple actions and/or charges on a fee/fine notice.

a. When a single event triggers multiple charges (e.g. aged to lost. Or, multiple overdues) how to present information on notice?

List of items plus amount. Tokens available. Would be nice to have 'total amount' owed token.

b. What about multiple actions on a single charge (e.g. partial payments). What is the preferred order of actions? Historical order. Do we always want full historical?

c. What about multiple charges, multiple actions?

d. Aged to lost notice questions:
if sending aged to lost notice, should overdue notices stop?
if sending aged to lost f/f notice, should overdue f/f notices stop?

We already have the ability to define number of overdue notices, so we shouldn't have to define this further.

3. Cate. Presented slides relating to Recall test results.

a. UXPROD-2729. Currently recalls don't extend due dates on overdue loans. Do we want to allow recalls to extend due dates for overdue loans (configurable)?
If yes, do we want a setting in the loan policy. Or, a tenant level checkbox? Group prefers more granular, loan policy level.

As much flexibility as possible. possibly alternate return interval.

b. If there is a recall queue at time of checkout, patron doesn't know there is a recall. How shall we remind them?

popup at checkout? Popup is good. Also, some sites want ability to send a courtesy notice.

c. What about overdue and recalled. Do we need a notice?

4. Emma led a discussion on how circulation should handle availability status given potential controlled digital lending functionality, CDL/ETAS applications.