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Sharon Wiles-Young

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Andrea Loigman

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Discussion Items

15MinRevert Loan When Recall is Cancelled ( draft UXPROD: Gather feedback from SIG and other Circ POs
5MinPatron comments in Request reportsWhere in the Request CSV and Hold shelf clearance report should the Patron comments column appear?
30MinNFR questions related to Requests, Locations and Service points

Vasily Gancharov (solution architect) is collecting NFR details about FOLIO modules. He has asked for some information about the modules I own (Requests, Locations and Service points) and I'd like your input. Questions:

1. How many items of each type approximately will be stored in the module annually? What is the expected annual growth for each item type? This questions are related to the back-end modules only.

2. How many users per day will utilize the module on average in the next year? The user here is the person leveraging the module. What is the expected annual growth for the number of users?

3. What functions the module should perform? What is the desired speed of each function should be? (you can specify a magnitude instead of precise value here, e.g. milliseconds, seconds, minutes, etc.). The smaller the value, the more complex and expensive the technical solution might be, so, please, specify the reasonable amount of time.

4. Let’s imagine there is an unexpected issue and the module is unavailable. For how long the module users can tolerate its absence until the module is restored? Please, specify approximate value/value range here. For instance, few minutes, several hours, etc. The smaller the value, the more complex and expensive the technical solution, so, please, specify the reasonable amount of time. Please, specify also a short rationale to justify the numbers.

5. What consequences will be if the module is unavailable for more than a specified period of time?

6. What is the maximum number of module faults users can tolerate per day, per month? (fault here is the unexpected issue that makes the module unavailable). Please, specify approximate value range here.

For instance:

     - 1 – 2 per day

     - 2 – 5 per day

     - 10 – 20 per month - etc.

Please, specify also a short rationale to justify the numbers.

7. What time of the day or time slot is the best for module/system maintenance? Can maintenance be performed on any day or only on specific days? What is the maximum maintenance time window is allowed per day, per month? Maintenance here is the planned system/module update. Please, specify approximate value/value range here. For instance, few minutes, several hours, etc.

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Link to supporting materials


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Because...
  • Because...
e.g. mock-up, JIRA issue
Cate and Emma leaving the project
Handover document showing who is taking over their various responsibilities:


  • General writeup of UXPROD-2826 looks good
  • Need to make this configurable though, as not all institutions want it.  Ideally, configuration would be in the Loan policy (Recalls accordion)
  • Existing ILSs don't offer this feature

RequestsIrisPatron comments can display in last column of request reports

NFRs for Requests, Service points and locationsN/A

Here are the performance numbers we put together a long time ago: Performance requirements (SLAs) for daily operation of the FOLIO system

We also have some implementer stats (including Shanghai Library, which we had some questions about) on the wiki here: Implementer Statistics  


  1. Cate announced she is leaving the FOLIO project. Her last day is December 17. Also, Emma is leaving; today is her last meeting. The group is sad to see them leave and appreciative of their great work for RA development. New POs are needed on the project.

       2. Cate discussed UXPROD-2826. Revert loan when recall is cancelled. Currently the borrower is still bound by the truncated due date. The proposal is to revert to the original due date, notify the patron and uncheck flag "duedatechangebyrecall".

The group was split on the proposal. To be useful for larger sites it needs to be configurable at a level lower than tenant. Where? Request Management or loan rule or Loan policy. This is a future feature to be ranked. Nice to have but no one really has this in current ILS.

       3. Cate addressed Requests and patron comments coming from Discovery; for example, delivery instructions. Where should these appear in the Request CSV and Hold Shelf Clearance report. Fine to place them at the end of the data.

       4. Lastly, Cate discussed NFR questions for performance and capacity planning relating to Requests, Locations and Service points.

How many requests do you expect to handle per year, at the high end?  Thousands, 10s of thousands. 100s of thousands. GDPR will be purging closed requests.

How many service points? 50, 1500. might grow to use with workflows. need to speak with consortia sig. 200.
How many locations? hundreds, thousands.
How many folio users per day? hundreds.
What is the best time of day for system maintenence? site specific