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Discussion Items


Notetaker  - Mark Canney



Next meeting will be a normal RA meeting 

Topics we like to take to the Monday Meeting


Documents shared in chat:

From Darcy Branchini to Everyone: 11:15 AM

From Kelly Drake to Everyone: 11:16 AM

From Holly Mistlebauer to Everyone: 11:20 AM


Holly shared spreadsheet showing different types of fee/fine charges. Some f/f charges are Manual and others Automated. Spreadsheet shows where Settings live for each f/f type.

In FOLIO > Settings > Users > Manual charges > there is a table to be created with f/f types. Darcy shared, on the same table, Charge Notice and Action Notices. Then she demonstrated a f/f notice for locker fee. Reach out to Darcy on Slack with any questions.

Anya discussed issues MSU and Simmons are having with Notices: newly created users getting just realtime notices; imported users not getting any notices. Hope to have this blocker resolved soon.

Next Thursday (5/28) will be a normal SIG meeting (no meeting on Monday, 5/25).

  • Permissions for Circulation set up (Covered 2/20)
  • Patron Groups (Covered 2/20)
  • Locations (Covered 2/20)
  • Loan Types(Covered 3/2)
  • Material types (Covered 3/2)
  • Overdue Fine Policies (Covered 3/2)
  • Lost item fee policies(Covered 3/2)
  • Request Policies (Covered 3/2)
  • Request cancellation reasons (Covered 3/2)
  • Patron notice policies (Covered 3/2)
  • Patron notice templates (Covered 3/2)
  • Fixed due date schedules (Covered 3/5)
  • Staff slips  (Covered  on 3/5)
  • Loan policies (Covered on 4/16)
  • Circulation editor (Covered on 4/23)
  • Process of putting it all together (Covered 4/30)
  • Notices (Darcy demoed on 5/14/2020)
  • Notices with FeeFines ( 5/21)