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Discussion Items


25 MinsRoad Map group update

15 Mins

Updates to permissions for viewing loans in Users

Meeting Notes

  1. Road Map group update

    1. Continuation of Harry's work
    2. Brainstorming process
    3. Which RA related themes are missing from that list?
    4. Questions:
      1. What themes related to RA SIG that should be highlighted//included in Roadmap?
        • Do you have any plans or projected Epics/features that should or could be included on the Roadmap? 
          • Anonymization, UM patron related issues, performance, accessebility (Keyboard shortcuts, UI ), workflow issues, automatization (templates, workflows, etc.)
        • What features or Epics are your highest priorities?
          • have a separate meeting on that on Monday (Review the current situation and assess which gaps we as a group have and in the process identify priorities)
        • For which features are you currently working on specs? (PO Question?)
          • TLR most recently
          • redesign inventory search
          • notices and staff slips in regard to workflows / automated printing
        • Do you have a good sense of the priority  order of importance/development?
          • not fully, only for TLR at the moment
          • helpful to assess the gaps and review the Kiwi pointing features
        • Is there any cross app functionality that the RA SIG  have concerns about for development?
          • Bulk edit
          • optimistic locking
          • anonymization
          • consistency thoughout the apps
          • Dashboard functionality: do we have requirements and ideas for this funcitonality
        • What other questions do you have, how can this be useful?
          • --
        • How should the Roadmap demonstrate both a progressive feature development as well as identify work in NFRs and other areas?
          • having more of these demonstrations for SMES and involving SMES more in this process
          • communicate the progress/road map working status
  2. Updates to permissions for viewing loans in Users

    1. Problems with the permissions in Users:
    2. Option1 Keep basically status quo - easy to do Option (all in one bucket)
    3. Option2: Reduce the (all) permission set - most granular Option
    4. Option3: Build new clusters -
    5. feedback/notes:
      1. what does the word "all" mean here?
        1. this is still not clear, due to a
      2. permission managment tool by app interaction should end the confusion on which "hidden" permissions are given
      3. conclusion: Option 2 is the most wanted by the RA SIG