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Zoom (pw: folio-lsp)


Thomas Trutt 

Marie Widigson 

Bob Scheier 

David Bottorff 

Brandon Britt 

Erin Weller 

Andrea Loigman 

Elizabeth Chenette 

Dwayne Swigert 

Brooks Travis 

Cheryl Malmborg 

Cornelia Awenius 

Martina Tumulla 

Christine Tobias 

Mary E Yokubaitis 

Andy Horbal 

Karen White 

Molly Driscoll 

Laurence Mini 

Rameka Barnes 

Mark Canney 

Jana Freytag 

Discussion Items


Cheryl Malmborg 


A new Dev-Team from University of Alabama for the Calendar


Meeting Notes

1. Question (by Marie):

  • A question regarding the time in Circulation log. In Kiwi, Circulation log is one hour behind. (While the time is correctly displayed in item record and loan details.)I've seen several new jiras about time zones, but I haven't been able to figure out if this will fix circulation log as well.
  • Regarding the error messages: the notices may not have been send at all

2. Questions (by Beth):

  • Ellaborate on Issues with renewals (Chicago)
    • renewing via API applys a different notice policy

3. Question (by Thomas)

  • ILLiad-integrations via NCIP
  • batch process for cleaning data via tags
  • issues with titles not being staff supressed


  • Overriding
    • expired patron
  • Not Allowing holds on items that are lost
  • three part Item status
    • You could use locations for that, too → Create a temporary location and assign it to the lost items

  • automated renewal
    • Long term solution: Batch editing group: batch editing circ data
  • Time zone issues with the locations regarding calendar
    • Service point level
    • User set local (time, language, ..) should be sticking to the calendar etc.
  • inability to freeze patron records

  • No labels