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This page is for all SMES of the RA SIG, it is a place where you all can bring back issues/topics you would like to discuss. You can also contact your convener for that.

Date addedTopicPersonTime requiredScheduled date
2021-05-21demo of UChicago's Pull List app (which creates unified pick list from ILS, Illiad, Relais, etc.) No hurry on this, but I know some folks were interested in seeing this as a possible model for something that could be developed on the FOLIO platform20 min2021-05-27(tick)
2021-05-24Discussion about equipment management (requested from multiple participants on 5-24-2021)
  • how libraries are thinking about managing equipment in FOLIO
  • other software options libraries might have used or are considering using if not FOLIO
  • migration considerations for equipment
  • circulation considerations for equipment
45 min2021-06-07(tick)

Discussion of integration with online payment services

  • how many libraries currently offer online payment options? how many would like to do so?
  • what are libraries that offer online payment options doing now?
  • what would the priority be for FOLIO to integrate with online payment services?
David Bottorff30 min2021-05-27(tick)

Update on:

  • Notices scheduled in the past being sent: CIRC-1163 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Printer management
5-10 min (depending if questions)2021-06-28(tick)

Patron notice features - candidates for deletion Getting issues...

10 min2021-07-19(tick)
2021-07-19Patron notice send errors in circ log15 min2021-07-29(tick)
2021-08-17Request for help collecting information about calendar size (in current system, FOLIO, or both)10 min2021-08-23(tick)

The pros and cons of logic branching and advanced conditioning in notice and slip tempates:

  • Add the preferred name token to the list of patron notice tokens - UICIRC-462 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Anonymous request identifier for staff slips and notices - UXPROD-2435 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Add token "Today's date" to staff slips + formating options - UXPROD-3224 - Getting issue details... STATUS
20 min2022-05-16(tick)

Multiple fee/fine charges or actions (pay, waive, transfer, error or refund) on a single notice for a patron - UXPROD-2252 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Check the use cases again + compare them against what is technically (reasonably) feasible. 

45 mins2022-05-23(tick)

MODEMAIL-73 - Retry sending email on temporary failure (4xx)

→ Explain and discuss the consequences. 

Julie Bickle 30 mins2022-06-23(tick)

UXPROD-3937 - Getting issue details... STATUS

There are a number of questions for the SIG. I'll post them in the Slack channel, but I would like to hear people's comments in person, as well:

  • For scheduled notices: Should the notice be linked to the recepient (i.e. proxy) immediately when the notice is created? Or should the recipient be determined just before sending the notice, in case the proxy-sponsor relationship changes after the scheduled notice is created?
  • This setting affects ALL notices tied to that loan or request, i.e. loan, requests and fee/fine notices. Is this ok?
  • When looking in the circ log: Do you need to know that this notice was sent to the proxy, rather than to the sponsor? 
30 mins2022-01-30(tick)

UXPROD-2252 - Getting issue details... STATUS

I will present a plan for how this could work, and would need SIG feedback. I'd like to squeeze this into Poppy (scope close date = 17 feb) - so could I please present this on 26 Jan?
I should have a deck to share already by 20 Jan.

45 mins2022-01-26(tick)

I will present Poppy features that Vega has planned to work on. Maybe with Julie Bickle if she is available (Stephanie Buck : Julie is available (smile) )

30 mins2023-04-20(tick)
2023-04-03There are currently no topics for 13th April - could I please use that time to discuss option for notices for actioning on automated fees/fines?Julie Bickle 45 mins2023-04-13(tick)
2023-05-04Adding "User Address" section to the patron notice tokens. Two questions:
  • Where to add those tokens - what looks and feels best?
  • Criterium for population = “Use as primary address” selected
30 mins2023-05-08(tick)

Could I please have a session to thrash this topic out again: Multiple fee/fine actions in a single notice. The next session I would be available is 1st June.

I'll prep better and add more detailed questions, but so far here are the notes I have:

Possible solutions:

  1. Per 1 button (e.g. charge, pay, etc.) - all the currently ticked open fee/fines are bundled.
  2. A shopping cart check-out: all actions taken in that session are bundled, i.e. receipt.
  3. "Here are all your open fees/fines"
    1. Button to send this in the user UI?
    2. Recurring? If so, what frequency + when to stop?
45 mins



Developing functionality to enable Discovery layer for proxy requesting on behalf of sponsors. Edge API updates needed to make this possible  UXPROD-3930 - Getting issue details... STATUS  via EDS or other discovery layer. Is there interest in getting this prioritized, especially since this work is only the first step in getting it functional in discovery layers?

Susan Kimball 15 mins?

(question) Susan Kimball  

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