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Erin Nettifee (please contact Erin if you would like to participate)

Mary E Yokubaitis 

Joanne Leary

Elizabeth Aubrey


  • Review reports encompassed in  UXPROD-845 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - ID is from the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet 
    • ID437: Cash Drawer Reconciliation Report

    • ID438: Financial Transactions Detail Report

    • ID440: Fine Fee Reconciliation

    • ID498: Fee Fine Reconciliation Accounting Office Summary Report 

    • ID483: Monies paid/collected for fines/fees, privileges, purchases, or other reasons by payment method, date range, location, or operator

  • What is similar about these reports? What's different?
    • Data points
    • Frequency of use
    • Reliance on personal information (patrons or staff)
    • What else?
  • Define required data points, including addressing the following:
    • Where it is in FOLIO (if already implemented, or planned for implementation)
    • Whether the report requires that this data point be available in real time;
      • If not available in real time, flag for discussion with Holly
    • Whether the data point includes personally identifiable information;
  • Define desired functionality, including but not limited to:
    • How often the report(s) need to be run;
    • What permissions are needed to cover access to reports in-app and in the LDP (keeping in mind the limitations on the permissions model for field and field-value perms);
    • What format we need the report to be available in outside of FOLIO (assuming CSV as baseline - what else might be needed?)
  • Summarize to Holly and then decide if more work is needed.

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