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10:00 Eastern @


Kelly Drake

Erin Nettifee

Andrea Loigman

Jarmo Schrader

Elizabeth Chenette

Patrick Sanders

Tonya Carter

New England Conservatory Library

  • Mare Alos
  • C.M. Flynn

Discussion items

1minDevelopment plan, timeline and Sub-group goals


Aug 13 - Associate Courses with items Incl. Item - Course Settings

Aug 20 - Vacation

Aug 27 - Course Schedule and Associated Status

Sept 3 - Associate Courses with Service Points

Sept 10 - Interoperability

Sept 17 - Reporting

15minCourse and Item Search and Filter

Follow up from last week, Course and Item Search and Filter

 - especially regarding Bolded issues, and Item Searching

40minAssociating Items with Courses

Item Display Review

Process for adding an Item

  • scan barcode for item in inventory
  • Search inventory by:
    • title
    • or just launch them over to an inventory search?
  • What about electronic resources - search eholdings?
  • "Fast add" - launches them over to create an inventory or eholdings record?

Action items

1 Comment

  1. Fast add is UXPROD-1057 - I just left a comment there for Charlotte Whitt, since it does not appear to be tagged as MVP. It would have to be MVP for Course Reserves - I'm not sure what a reasonable workaround would be - perhaps creating real records for personal items, but then the cleanup and data issues could be really bad.