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10:00 Eastern @


Kelly Drake

Elizabeth Chenette

Cornelia Davis

Andrea Loigman

Erin Nettifee

Jolie Tingen

Jarmo Schrader

Patrick Sanders

Discussion items

1minDevelopment plan, timeline and Sub-group goals

Sept 24 Tonya Carter  to demo Ares

Sept 24 - LTI with Duke re: Course Reserves

Sept 24 - Fast Add (We need to spec this feature out and consider the needs of other SIGs and develop and plan of action)

Sept 30 - Reporting

30 minAres Demo

Tonya Carter    Elizabeth Chenette demoed Ares.

Everything is manually entered in Ares.  Print is also in Voyager

Ares does talk to the registrar, uploading student data and the course's for which they are registered. 

Files and streaming video were held in Ares

 - the Course Page only shows the courses that a student is enrolled in.  

30 minLTI

Jolie Tingen (Duke's Learning Innovation Department) 

Functionality of LTI in regards to Course Reserves. 


"In App" reports.

Action items