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10:00 Eastern @


Kelly Drake

Jarmo Schrader

Elizabeth Chenette

Andrea Loigman

Discussion items

15 minDevelopment plan, timeline and Sub-group goals

Development update

  • Basic functionality demo at WolfCon. 

Next meeting January 7, 2020

Search results screen review

Column Order: Good

Column Size:

Could they be adjustable? or can they wrap?

There is no universal standard for the way courses are coded, named, etc

Discussion of Cross listed courses and how they show in the search results - Need Registrar ID in Search Results.  Add after "Code" 

Everywhere - we want to change "Course Code/Number" to "Course Code"

Do we need "Service Desk"? - will it help determine the correct course? We don't think so.  We can remove

We do need "Section"

Full Record review

Change "Cross-listed courses"   to "Cross-listed as"

Course Data add all the fields.  inc. Description

Instructors section - can be a table

Edit record review

Not sure all these are mandatory.  Do we need "Course type"  or could we have a default value? - set in settings?

Same for Departments can there be a default value or allow libraries to specify what is manditory?

Action items