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10:00 Eastern @


Kelly Drake

Patrick Sanders

Andrea Loigman

Tonya Carter

Gabe Stetson

New England Conservatory Library

Discussion items

1minDevelopment plan, timeline and Sub-group goals

October 15 - Fast Add (We need to spec this feature out and consider the needs of other SIGs and develop and plan of action)

15 minDevelopment update and icon question

Snapshot view

Andrea Loigman Concerns about "Processing status" and how that might conflict/interact with the item processing status.  Would it be taken care of by workflow engine?

Gabe Stetson  - could see that some reserve status would be specific to items

 - Emma is the PO dealing with item states. Might be good to follow up with her. 

Review Settings 

Roles - Will not work like permissions (they do at Duke).  Gabe Stetson mentioned that they do use them more as labels. 

Departments - shouldn't conflict with User Departments but it might be nice to use the User Departments - except that the User Departments won't be an authorized list - but in most cases will be input with feeds from bursar/registrar. 


30 minFast Add

Fast Add - What do we need for Courses:

Review requirements being spearheaded by subgroup -  

Add URL field

Determine if this is a marc record or an inventory record?

The new record automatically associated with course

Add the new items note field to the fast add record


Add a course items note field!  (at least ask the developers)

15Fast Add button?

Where does the Fast Add button appear?

  • Should appear where you search for other items. 
  • Might be the only other option beside barcode scan - the little box with lines next to the search box?

Action items