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Filip has asked us to self-identify as small groups of experts to advise on next steps in functionality and help him work through some specific areas of development.  Once we've identified the folks with interests in these areas we'll set up times for each group to Skype / discuss / webex with Filip.  Other topics will be added as questions need answers.  In most cases sub-area groups will only need to meet once.

We want to endeavor to get these conversations started as quickly as possible.  The sooner we can provide Filip and Index Data with the information they need, the more likely it is that our needs will be embedded in the product.

Please enter your name in your area(s) of interest below so I can get the doodle polls going. 


request dateTopicpeoplemeeting date
2017-1-26Loan policies (grace periods, fixed due dates, and everything else defined in policies)Andrea Loigman, Mark Canney, Wendy Wilcox, Caitin Finlay, Charlotte Whitt, Maria Grzeschniok, David Larsen, Rameka Barnes, Tania Fersenheim2/9/2017
2017-1-26The concept formerly known as "item statuses"Andrea Loigman, Joanne Leary, Charlotte Whitt, Mark Canney, Wendy Wilcox, Deb Lamb, David Larsen, Rameka Barnes

2/10/2017 & 2/14/2017

2017-1-26Overrides — of blocks, when checking out itemsAndrea Loigman, Mark Canney, Wendy Wilcox, Charlotte Whitt, Maria Grzeschniok, Rameka Barnes 
2017-1-26Organizational hierarchies (consortia, institutions, libraries, circ desks and their relationships)Andrea Loigman, Cammie Wyckoff, Deb Lamb, Charlotte Whitt, Tania Fersenheim 
2017-1-26Permission scopes (which relates to the above hierarchies)Andrea Loigman,, Cammie Wyckoff, Deb Lamb, Charlotte Whitt, Tania Fesenheim 

Printing and exporting lists of things

Andrea Loigman, Joanne Leary, Mark Canney, Charlotte Whitt 



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