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The RA SIG has several sub-groups working on focused areas of access services functionality.  Sub-groups will be dissolved as their work is completed and additional sub-groups may be created as the need arises.

Current RA sub-groups are:

Patron notices - P.O. Darcy Branchini   (not currently meeting)

Course Reserves - P.O. Kelly Drake  (reconvened July, 2019)

Requests - P.O. Tania Fersenheim  (not currently meeting)

Off-site integration

Completed sub-groups:

Printing slips - P.O. Darcy Branchini

Calendar - P.O. Cate Boerema

Fine/Fees - P.O. Holly Mistlebauer

Loans - P.O. Emma Boettcher

Potential future sub-groups:

Overrides and permissions

Fast adds & Personal copies

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