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Important Upgrade Considerations

This section outlines all changes that require special consideration for customers in production.  Configuration changes may be needed to prevent operational interruptions.  See checklist for guidelines on how to fill this out. 

Changes and Required Actions

Functional AreaChange or AdditionConsiderationsAction timing,
Action required
CommentsContact person,
Related JIRAs
Affected app or moduleWhat has been changed or added that should be noted for this releaseWhat challenges may arise related to this change or addition

When can the action be taken (before, during or after upgrade)?

If applicable, detail what action(s) must be taken here

Is this action required for the next release?

Name of user leaving comment: comment on what you encountered or ask a question @mention Contact personUser name of person that can provide additional detail.
Include issue link for bug fix, story or feature that applies

MARC Authority Control, Inventory, SRS, Data import

Default MARC-Instance mapping rules were updated to support authority linking

Instructions on how to update default MARC-Instance mapping rules are described on the page

Must be done after the mod-source-record-manager upgrade

SearchInventory search supports now contributors browse. Changes to the Authority search were implemented.mod-search indices will need to recreate for both instance and authority as described hereDuring the upgrade process
Inventory, SearchBreaking change was introduced in API interfaces:
  • `inventory-view`
  • `inventory-view-instance-set`
  • `item-storage-dereferenced`
  • `instance-storage`
  • `instance-storage-batch-sync`
  • `instance-storage-batch-sync-unsafe`
  • `inventory`
  • `inventory-batch`
  • `search`
  • `browse`
If there are any scripts, requests, or any that rely on these API interfaces, then they may be broken. Updated API documentation could be found here.

Instance data in mod-inventory-storage have to be migrated. 

To initialize migration use endpoint POST /inventory-storage/migrations/jobs with body:

    "migrations": [
    "affectedEntities": [

To check the status of migration use endpoint GET /inventory-storage/migrations/jobs/<id> where id - is the id from the POST response.

Migration could be done after the upgrade.
Migration could be sped up with scaling up mod-inventory-storage's replicas

Inventory, SRS, Data importDefault MARC-Instance mapping rule added for MARC 720 field

Review the changes described in MODSOURMAN-873 - Getting issue details... STATUS and decide if the library's local default MARC Bib-to-Inventory Instance mapping should be updated with corresponding changes. See Contributor Relator Terms and Codes: Orchid Refinement for additional details.

Note that any revised mappings will only apply to Instances created or updated via MARC Bibs after the map is updated. To refresh existing Instances against the current SRS MARC Bibs and current map, the library may consider running Script 3 described here: Scripts for Inventory, Source Record Storage, and Data Import Cleanup

Ann-Marie Breaux 
Settings, Circulation, Loan historyThe circulation setting "Loan history" as been updated to "Loan anonymization"Please note: The permission names have not been updated, and still refer to "Loan history"N/AN/A
Permissions, CirculationWith the permission "Settings (Circ): Can view loan history", the Save button on the Loan anonymization page is no longer visible (UICIRC-767).
In addition, a new permission has been created, "Settings (Circ): Can edit loan history", for which the Save button on the Loan anonymization page is visible and can be selected (UICIRC-766).
Please note: The permission names contain the old name of the setting (Loan history), but refer to the circulation setting Loan anonymization.Update your users' permissions and/or permission sets, as required.N/A

Edit: UICIRC-766
View: UICIRC-767

Julie Bickle 

Circulation, RequestsRequest status is now a required property.Technically a breaking changeNo action required

While technically being a breaking change, this should not affect anyone because:

a) we never create requests without status programmatically

b) we scanned DBs of known tenants and did not find a single such request

LDP Reporting app(text to be added here)

Z39.50(text to be added here)

mod-settings(text to be added here)

Actual costThe actual cost work begun in Nolana is completed in Orchid. 
Carried over from Nolana release notes
If you started using actual cost in Nolana, when Orchid is implemented you will need t
o mark items as “do not bill” on the “Lost items requiring actual cost” processing page if the fee was billed manually.  The "Lost item fee policy" includes a setting For lost items not charged a fee/fine, close the loan after <interval>.  Using this setting to "expire" actual cost lost items will eliminate the need for this if you set the <interval> to a smaller time period.
This work was completed after the PO, Holly Mistlebauer, retired.

New Apps

Removed Apps

Permissions Updates

AppNew PermissionsDeprecated PermissionsProduct Owner
Settings > Tenantui-tenant-settings.settings.location.view- "Settings (Tenant): View locations" - this will allow users to view the tenant location tree but be unable to create, update or delete institutions, campuses, libraries or locations
Erin Nettifee 

Known Issues


AppKnown issueWorkaroundJIRA issueProduct Owner

Additional known issues

Key Summary T Updated Potential Workaround Development Team Status Resolution Release

Notes on functionality

Post-Release Hotfixes

Date (verified in BugFest)Bug fixedDocumentation on GitHub
DateHotfix release (needs more info added here)github link

New Features

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

New Features by Epic (Sub-Project)

Closed Bugs

All Closed Bugs and Stories

Remaining Open Bugs at Time of Release 

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