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Discussion items

Minute TakerVirginia Martin 
Housekeeping - Zoom meeting and Google DriveKristin Martin
  • Kristin Martin demonstrated how to take minutes in the wiki
  • Switching from WebEx to Zoom meeting which OLE has subscribed to for our meetings now. Updated call-in information will be posted to the RM wiki and you should also be receiving an invitation from Holly Mistlebauer.
  • Holly Mistlebauer and Kristin Martin can help with any issues with accessing OLE/FOLIO Google Drive folders and files.
Resource Selection TG: Verification of membership and scheduling of first meeting. Current Draft here:
  • List of participants has been updated
  • Eric Hartnett will be convening the first meeting soon

Order and Material Types:

Update on where we are and who will finalize this document

  • Updated Order and Material Types document:
  • May need to add information about DDA STL programs – @Bill Verner will locate documentation from Duke’s previous program
  • Orders need to be able to be attached to more than one record type – e.g. packages, platforms, etc.
  • @All – review revised document for next week
  • Discussion of what we should hardcode and what we should leave flexible/open for customization at each library (specifically with order status)
CRM subgroup update. Folder is here:
  • Subgroup discussed what they like and dislike about current ticketing systems
    • Ticketing system must complement rather than interfere with or be apart from communication via email – most important part is to be able to track issues/problems but current systems are clunky to use
  • Overview of CRM market – dozens available and no consistency about what is being used across different institutions / libraries
  • Integration with other systems – e.g. Outlook and Gmail (email integration is key)
  • Export options for data
    • Anonymize for sharing?
  • Vision: lightweight system integrated into FOLIO where it could be integrated into an outside system (e.g. a true CRM) but that libraries who don’t need a more complex solution can use if they wish
  • Need ability to notify to patrons of resource/platform problems in public interfaces (and staff in library interfaces)  – especially about downtime for specific resources / platforms
Email integration (doc)
  • Email integration does overlap with CRM considerations
  • Kristen Wilson went over a few different examples of other systems that have email integration:
    • Trello
    • Blackboard integration of email – email client within system – could be useful but needs to be synced with primary email client inbox as well as within system
    • Clio plugin for Google Chrome – ability to file emails in a different system without having to leave email client
  • FOLIO needs good internal searching
  • Best bet is to save all of our emails and have a good searching function so we don’t need to presort emails/identify them later for storage – need to be able to flag/star important conversations to sort out the wheat from the chaff

Action items

  • Kristin Martin describe wiki minute taking
  • @Bill Verner will look for DDA STL documentation from Duke
  • All participants hsould review the revised Order and Material Types document for discussion next week