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  1. John Ballestro
  2. Maria Grzeschniok
  3. Kathryn Harnish
  4. Eric Hartnett
  5. Jesse Holden
  6. Filip Jakobsen
  7. Marc Johnson
  8. Kristin Martin

  9. Virginia Martin
  10. Kim Maxwell
  11. Peter McCracken
  12. Peter Murray
  13. Martina Tumulla
  14. Sebastian Weigel
  15. Charlotte Whitt

  16. Kristen Wilson


Discussion items

Minute taker today 
Review of Order and Material Types:


  • Did not discuss. Virginia Martin asked if we could wait for Kristin Martin to join us for the discussion, and we didn't circle back around to this once Kristin did join us.


Resource Selection Task Group updateEric Hartnett


  • Group is up and running with 8 people
  • First meeting was yesterday
  • Eric will type up notes
  • Highlights
    • Privacy concerns about keeping contact info for people who suggest purchases
    • Plug-ins for common vendors (e.g. GOBI, or Amazon) so you could be at that site shopping and send your choices directly to FOLIO
    • Trials: how they are handled varies by institution
  • Meeting again next Thursday am; Filip Jakobsen plans to join. He is looking for feedback on workflows from this group.


Continued discussion of Filip's sketchesall


  • Reviewed the sketch of the app to manage invoices; you'll be able to search, filter, add an invoice manually or the system can generate it based on receipts or create via APIs.
  • Filip Jakobsen indicated that a review of the business rules around invoicing would be helpful. Kathryn Harnish took notes as we discussed this topic, and she will turn this into a shared document.


  • Reviewed the sketch of the app to manage licenses.
  • Do we need the ability to create new license fields on the fly? Yes, eventually, but not in the 1st version.
  • Licenses include both Business and Access terms. Both Martina Tumulla and Kristin Martin have documents showing how these maps. They will share these on our Google drive
  • Kristin Martin will create a folder on our Google drive to store these licensing examples.
  • Dates (both the date the license was signed, and the expiration date of the license) are important. Need notification for these dates.
  • Relationships between license and resource, past vs current relationships. We need statuses for licenses. Kristen Wilson will document this with examples.
Email IntegrationFilip Jakobsen

Are we finished with the email integration discussion, at least for now? Filip Jakobsen will review the documents in depth and get back to Peter McCracken about it with any questions he has.

Scaling the FOLIO US & IxD TeamFilip Jakobsen

Filip Jakobsen gave a quick presentation on his ideas for organizational structure that will help us scale up and meet project deadlines.

Goal is to optimize communication between various SIGs / groups and to create internal consistency in the product.

Kristin Martin suggested bringing the discussion to the Product Council.

Filip Jakobsen plans to publish his document on Discuss soon.

Action items

  • All: Review Google document regarding invoices, created by Kathryn Harnish.
  • Kristin Martin: create folder for License information on Google Drive
  • Martina Tumulla and Kristin Martin: share information about license mapping and management
  • Kristen Wilson: document examples between the license and the resource, looking at past vs. current relationships, along with statuses for license.

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  1. I've saved a draft of my license linking recommendations in our Google Drive folder.