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Discussion items

Minute TakerSebastian Weigel

General discussions

  1. Update on Stacks involvement and future RM work: In replacement for Filip Jakobsen the company Stacks will take over the UX work for the Resource Management SIG in the upcoming weeks. Stack provides 4 FTEs. They come from web design for discovery solutions and are a business partner of EBSCO. Kristin Martin will inform the group about the handover when further details are discussed. Maybe a crash course in library acquisitions for the Stacks staff will be useful.
  2. Organizational developments within the FOLIO team:
    1. Filip is taking over UX lead
    2. 6 FTE developers will be joining the project
  3. FOLIO Data Domain Model: The follow up meeting to last week’s joined Meta data & RM-SIG-Meeting will either taking place on the 5/25 or 5/26. Kristin will inform the team via email.
  4. The location setup within FOLIO affects the acquisitions and other SIGs. RM-SIG should review the discussion on discuss: and take a look at the location model:

Review of Invoicing Activities

For Invoicing discussion doc see:

5. “Approved Invoice”:

-       In some cases, the invoice amount needs to be corrected after the money has been payed (wire transfers, currency effects) (simple solution: second invoice with the difference value)

-       Maybe a third invoice status should be integrated: “Provisional” invoice

-       Strong need to control who may apply changes to an invoice

-       The invoice process should be flexible to make the common case as easy as possible, maybe mark complicated invoices before the process; make sure accounting can jump in and make changes to the invoicing process

6. “Managing Fund Transitions”:

-       A more general fund discussion needs to follow

    • There are cases where payments need to be split at the turn of a year
    • Cases, where no encumbrance is needed (simple solution: 0$ invoice)
    • A similar document to the invoicing activities will be set up and the fund discussion will follow the invoicing discussion

7. “Currency Conversion”:

-       Implementation of a Service to update the exchange rates for every PO 1/month

-       Dynamically pull exchange rate when the PO is created and update when user activates the service

-       The currency issue must be part of the fund discussion, too

8. “Credit Card payment”:

-       There needs to be a way to correct “accidents”

9. The work on the invoicing doc will proceed after Stack got involved to avoid discussing the issue twice.  

Update on Stacks involvement and future RM workKristin Martin 
Review of Invoicing Activities with invoicing expertsKathryn Harnish 

Action items