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Discussion items

 Minute takerWilliam Verner 
5 minUpdate from last week's codex workshop

Kristen Wilson and other attendees

Kristin Wilson indicated that the workshop was successful. She noted that the notes from the workshop are posted on the WIKI and that the most useful things to look at are the presentations

  • Vince presented on data model & architecture
  • Kathryn presented on the metadata elements. This is the first time we’ve seen a list of metadata elements that we’ll see on Codex record. Lots of discussion around this.
  • Wireframes presented by Cate – similar to those we’ve seen. Saw new ones drilling deeper down. Filip asked about universal search (Google-style) vs. search of collection. What kind of searches would we want?

It’s been decided that going forward CODEX discussions will be held Thursdays at noon eastern during Metadata Management meeting time. No CODEX discussions at RM meeting moving forward.

30 minDemo of new prototypes for workflows and to-dos

Filip needs more time on workflow prototype, so this presentation was postponed & the bulk of the meeting will be given over to the demo from Stacks. We will return to the discussion of the workflow prototype at next week's meeting.

50 minOrder prototype - review workflow and fields in each stepLeah Elzinga

Documents from today's meeting:


Presenting was Leah Elzinga,  Analyst, digital projects manager at Stacks. Leah pointed out that today’s presentation was not a demo of the prototype but a walkthrough of the workflow diagrams, with the goal of evaluating Stacks’ interpretation of the RM Sig’s previous work on workflows. The presentation is broken up into  three sections:

  1. Workplan
  2. Workflow: a crash course
  3. Process walkthrough:
    1. Order physical monographs process - happy path
    2. Providing feedback - focus on individual steps

1.       Workplan

This was an overview of the process leading to the creation of a prototype.

  • Discovery – user stories, etc.
  • Analysis
    • Work and data flow diagrams (leave less to imagination and interpretation)
    • Data model
  • Development – based on analysis stage
      • Q: Ann Marie: There is a ton of documentation that we’ve already gathered; has Stacks been through all of that?
      • A: Leah: it may or may not be useful; Stacks will need to verify that they have the proper interpretation of data gathered.

2.       Workflow Diagrams:

The group was instructed on how to read workflow diagrams, followed by a discussion of how to provide feedback on such documents.

  • How to provide feedback: RM Sig members access weekly (?) work package delivered to Kristin Martin/Kristen Wilson, who make it available via the Wiki.

Package will contain:

  • Workflow steps
  • Data/info required for each step
  • Contextual notes

SIG members add suggestions to work package as comments. Members should provide feedback by Thursday AM before following SIG meeting.

  • Q: Kristen Wilson: You’ll walk us through diagram during the weekly meeting & the we’ll make comments before the following Thursday?
  • A: Leah: we may be working on multiple diagrams each week; so we may review previous weeks comments at the meeting, then move onto another workflow.
  • Q: AMB: all comments should go into the work package google doc?
  • A: Leah: preferably, but feedback mechanism is to be handled by RM SIG administrators.
  • A: Kristen Wilson: agreed that comments should stay in googledoc, but we could have a discussion post in addition.

3.       Process Walkthrough:

  • BPMN 2.0 Used to create diagram.
  • This is a “Happy Path” diagram
    • START: Choose items for purchase
      • This is the initial trigger for the process
        • The plan seems to be that users will browse for available titles through Folio.
          • There is extensive discussion, driven largely by Ann Marie Breaux, Bill Verner, and Kristen Wilson around the need for manual entry of titles in addition to any kind of importing functionality. Leah seems at first to question this need but agrees to add a note about the needed option.
        • Import – you can import & then add (marc files imported)
            • Kristen Wilson:  many libraries use the  GOBI FTP server and automate the process of importing bib info.
            • Q: Ann Marie: there are better and newer ways to import – do we want to be locked into old ways of doing things?
            • A: Leah: Right now, Stacks is planning for how institutions currently work but building in flexibility to allow for vendor integration etc.
              • Kristen Wilson:  It’s probably good to allow for current ways rather than forcing institutions to change dramatically at the point of adopting FOLIO.
              • Michael Winkler: are we capturing alternative forms of import?
              • AMB: We should be careful not to build the ACQ process in triplicate
              • LEAH agrees to capture concerns in document, but notes that Folio’s open source nature means that need can drive innovation by participating parties
    • CHOOSE ITEMS FOR PURCHASE- “Select Vendor” step:
        • Kristen Wilson: vendor information imported w/records so often there is no need to assign vendor – need that option built in.
          • Kristin Delwo (Stacks): Individual institutions can customize options on intial implementation.
          • KW: We’ll need some kind of error kickout functionality if required fields aren’t completed properly
          • LEAH:  Reiterating the promise of robust options on setup
      • This is not yet a fully fleshed out part of the diagram.
      • Diagram seems to assume widespread practice of scanning a packing list barcode. None of the participants on the call do this.
      • Q: Martina Tumulla – Claiming functionality?
      • A: LEAH: Yes, but not reflected in current diagram
      • Kristen Wilson notes that at this stage  cataloging might already be done.


5 minWrap up/next stepsKristen Wilson
  • Work packages to be published this afternoon.
  • SIG to provide feedback by 7/20
  • KW – how will Stacks publish the packages?
  • Google drive, then email RM leaders to notify SIG 

Action items

  • Publish print monographic order work package for SIG review (Stacks)
  • Distribute link to work package to SIG members Kristen Wilson
  • Review work package and make comments (all members)  
  • Determine other methods for distribution of work package (e.g., Discuss, Slack, etc.) Kristen Wilson Kristin Martin