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Discussion items

 Minute-taker?Peter McCracken
  • Kristin Martin noted ER&L proposals are due end of next week. Eric Hartnett and Kristin M working on workflows presentation; Peter McCracken working on another proposal regarding the different way in which FOLIO is being created, with particular regard to marketplace.
45 min
  1. Entity-Relationship diagram (quick overview – 5 mins)
  2. A couple data flow diagrams (quick overview – 10-15 mins)
    1. Create vendor data flow (simple)
    2. Create PO line data flow (more complicated)
  3. Vendor record UI (25-30 mins)
    1. Start to review/collect feedback; will need to continue at the next call

The vendor record prototype will be posted to Discuss.

Stacks and Acquisitions subgroup
  • JD Benito introduced himself; described work that Stacks is tasked with working on acq module.
  • Overview of developers: JD Benito is a dedicated FOLIO developer. Dennis Bridges took over some work that Leah Elzinga had been doing. They are updating ERDs, data flow diagrams, data dictionary. Dennis introduced himself; he is product owner for this. He is Chief Product Officer at Stacks, Inc.
  • Ann-Marie Breaux clarified that she, Anne Cambell, Harry Kaplanian, John Ballestro, Steve Sellick (UC Boulder) working with the three developers from Stacks to work through these in a small setting. About 50 people will be gathering in Montreal in about 2 weeks to go over a lot of this at a Developers Meeting.
  • JD showed current entity-relationship diagram (ERD); current structure is close to done. He described a lot of the parts of the model, with vendor information, particularly connected to consortia, plus EDI information (this may need some additional work following discussion yesterday).
  • K Martin pointed out that some vendors will have multiple interfaces; may need to change relationship type from one-to-one to one-to-many. They will discuss and investigate in the next week or two. But with discussion, we determined this is actually the ordering platform, not the access platform as Kristin had initially thought. Virginia Martin raised questions about the many different platforms that larger vendors will have - so much acquired from a publisher who is also an access provider and also a vendor; but also other content acquired via subsc agents from the same publisher/access provider. ERM tools and issues have not yet been addressed in this model.
  • JD showed simple data flow diagram, designed to delineate various parts of data structure. Example: creating a vendor. Render phase (refers to UI) - what are messages to view UI form? Action phase (complete the form). Resolution phase - end result; what are changes to database, for example? He then showed various structures for how a Purchase Order line would be created, with various different paths to completing the creation of an order. Much discussion ensued, all recorded.
  • To ensure time was available for the next part of the meeting, further discussion will be transferreed to Discuss. Discuss post location:
45 min

Austin (Frontside) Development Team

  • We are building the eHoldings app that connects to the EBSCO KB API. The eHoldings app will allows librarians to search KB, add/remove packages/titles to/from holdings, and manage coverage dates, etc.
  • Provide demo and feedback of work done to date (also to be moved to Discuss?)

Khalilah Gambrell, Product Owner for the Austin Development Team

  • Khalilah Gambrell, product owner for Austin team (Frontside dev) for eHoldings app. She has worked as EBSCO as product owner for about 10 yrs, plus a lot of time on user research. Based in Boston, MLS from Simmons, involved with local SLA chapter.
  • Presentation on eHoldings role within FOLIO ecosystem. Service integrates knowledgebase API into FOLIO, called eHoldings app. Extensibel enough to support any knowledgebase API. Currently ability to search vendors, titles, packages, view details about above, add or remove local holdings. Also building connection to FOLIO Codex, with any knowledgebase API. One can manage eHoldings, and that will write back to knowledgebase. Question from Michael Winkler about how eHoldings will work with other knowledgebases through the API they're designing. There's no standard to define this interface.
  • Demo of eHoldings app build, at - does currently call to EBSCO API. Discussion of terminology that needs to be defined here, around Vendor, Platform, Content Provider, Organization, Provider, etc. Eventually, pages will show three-column panes (Search box, Results, Detailed record), similar to other FOLIO apps. Ann-Marie Breaux asked if title-level data would be what appears in Codex. Kristin Martin asked about how title-level data will be associated with additional holdings, package data, licensing data, cost data, etc.
  • Khalilah will share to Discuss; perhaps we can come back to this in a few weeks in a future RM session.

Action items