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Discussion items

Minute TakerSebastian Weigel
New SIG members

Kelsey Brett from Texas A&M and Tim Whisenant from WT Cox joined the meeting

Update from PC/ALA At ALA there where two FOLIO venues: (1) the EBSCO FOLIO reception which was well received and (2) an Open Source Project Panel -> in all OS projects governance and communications seem to be a challenge

The PC is working on a “big ideas” wiki page -> the scope is not finally defined and there will be more info.

Update from ERM Group:

  • development contract with K-Int is signed. We will have a very initial talk next Monday.
  • I’m still working on getting the Sub SIG up. Kickoff workshop is planned for March 21rst/22nd.
  • Martina is working on setting up the Wiki page for the Sub SIG and will start adding documents for preparation. See the link ERM Sub Group.
    • Every additional input will be welcomed.

GBV/HBZ signed a contract with Knowledge Integration to develop an ERM solution for FOLIO. The Kick-Off will be March, 21st and 22nd. Invitations will follow on Monday

A Wikipage has been set up. Please feel free to add info, if there is anything missing. ERM docu from KualiOLE needs to be added

Martina will update the page with the members when available. 

Inventory App workshop #2: Electronic Resources

1) what is the goal for this 3 hours workshop?

2) 3-4 framing questions we want to cover at the workshop

Charlotte Whitt

The planning of the workshop with Philip and Charlotte took place this week. Last time there were 10 participants working in a Main meeting and in smaller Slag groups. Same format this time with up to 12 participants.

Two main topics/goals where collected today:

(1)    How will the KB be integrated with content and inventory in FOLIO / How will e-items be represented in FOLIO? Longterm acquisition information / entitlements are not “save” in an external KB. How does the order status work if an item is only linked into FOLIO from a external KB?

(2)    How to deal with MARC record services from external providers? How does this fit with inventory and external KB in FOLIO? This question is more MM-Sig related.

Charlotte will send out a Doodle poll to the RM & RM SIG mailing lists. The workshop is planned for March, after ER&L. 

Questions from the Acquisitions Subgroup:

  • Payment methods, are we missing types we may require? We have the following so far: Accounting Department, Cash, Credit Card, EFT, Deposit Account, Check, Bank Draft
  • Would like to review approval statuses. We currently have: pending, in review, approved, not approved update required, declined, cancelled, fulfilled.

Question 1: Are any additional payment options needed?

EFT & Wire transfer have to be separate for Cornell

Vouchers and other internal transactions are included in the “Accounting Department” payment option

Question 2: Review the Approval Status

Additional to the approval status, there is a payment status connected to an invoice.

It would be very useful if external confirmation notifications (from e.g. a finance application) can be pushed onto FOLIO. A payment confirmed status is useful.

Chicago suggests an additional Status “Reviewed” between “in review” and “approved”. Kirstin will provide workflow documentation.


The Stacks code will be integrated into the FOLIO alpha soon. Background code and the Vendors-UI first. Stacks works on the Finance-UI now. More info will follow in the next meetings. 


The first FOLIO pre-release is online – it is running but still buggy

6.Mio title records and codex search are available

URL: -> Charlotte Whitt manages access

Broader opening of the apha will be discussed at the PC meeting next week

Action items