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Discussion items

Minute taker?Bethany Greene


  • Desire from project to grow DevOps staffing to support test systems builds
  • Reminder Weekly Status Report updates information on Q4 development
  • WOLFcon: Save the date: May 1-3, 2019

 Product Council update:

  • grow DevOps staffing - help get code into testing environment

Acquisitions Small Group: membership and relation to larger RM SIG

Discussion of RM SIG and small group membership:

  • Keep Acquisitions Small Group membership small - don't want to be exclusionary but want to be able to move quickly

Update on Workflows:

  • Product Council approved doing proof of concept for Workflows using Camunda engine - to get a sense of the direction of the project and the type of resourcing it will need
Update on data import work


Data Import updates:

  • Batch Loader group is under MM SIG but membership from both MM and RM SIGs - information on Data Import is under MM SIG Google Drive folder
  • Not user or circ history, not initial migration loads - day-to-day work of importing MARC records or EDI invoices
  • Data Import app is now in snapshot stable - not a lot of functionality yet
  • Preview and Running jobs in first pane; job log in second pane; Landing Page to start import in third pane
  • Being able to use the log to see the job you want to explore
  • Obtain file → Match Rules and Action Rules + Mapping Rules → CRUD in various FOLIO modules → Load Report
  • Match Rules, Action Rules + Mapping Rules = Job - you can adjust settings for jobs
  • Manage will take you to all of your saved Job profiles
  • Folijet working on coordination with other apps (Inventory, MARCcat, Acquisitions)
  • Next steps:
    • Finalize mapping screens and syntax
    • Finalize details of creating profiles
    • Confirm how match, action, mapping profiles fit together in jobs
    • Test profile assumptions against use cases
    • Permissions

Intending to be able to load MARC files in Q4 - will be able to create an order but not an invoice

Vendor and finance module fixes and enhancements

Aiming to present check-in/receiving next week

Vendor & Finance module updates:

  • Enhancements and bug fixes detailed in JIRA

Action items


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