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Discussion items

Minute taker?Eric Hartnett

Updates from the PC

Capacity planning updates

PC is working on capacity planning for Q1 release (Bellas). Looking at priorities and updates. Supporting Chalmers as first implementer. Other early implementers are now looking at fiscal year 2021 because of the need for additional functionality that has not yet been developed. Functionality is still being prioritized. The ERM functionality may be an option for a partial early implementation.

Q4: Weekly status report and links to all features included.

Agreements demo/discussion

Licenses - will be in Q4 (Astor) release (January 14). Represents licenses and license properties. There will be a hierarchy with parent licenses. License properties = License terms. They will be searchable and will be able to tie them to workflows to do some automation. Custom properties will be able to be added to licenses.

Agreements (formerly ERM) = resource(s) + license + context (how/why are we getting access to this).  "ERM" spans more than just this app. Agreements is made up of Agreements and E-resources. E-resources can be used to search for all resources the system knows about, both subscribed and not (through connections to kb(s)). Uses will have the option to add whole packages as an agreement or each individual title within the package as a separate agreement.

Share data for testing! Owen has provided a Google folder for you to drop off data:
Any format would be good but something like KBART would be preferable.

Updated mockup of the "Receiving History” for discussion.This discussion has been pushed to next week.

Action items



  1. Hello, I cannot figure out how to get a KBART file or title list for ACM Digital Library, but it would be a great test package to load, what with the variety of different types it contains. 

    I have pulled two files from JSTOR for two of their collections that are not books or just journals. (1) JSTOR Sustainability (Thematic Collection), which contains a mix of journals and research reports .... although in the file they handle this by calling the two types: serial and monograph, complicating things. (2) A JSTOR Primary Source Collection: 19th Century British Pamphlets, which contains different collections of primary source materials ... The file does not attempt to define the type.

    Newspapers are a huge headache ... I don't think I was able to pull a true KBART file as an example but .... I hope something can be done with it as well.

    HTH, Sara

    1. This is awesome, thanks Sara,

      Is there any way you can get the files to me? Either as an attachment here, or email them to ian dot ibbotson at



      1. Ian Ibbotson the two JSTOR files are in

        JSTOR_Global_SustainabilityCollection_KBART_downloaded 2018-12-07.xlsx

        JSTOR_19th_Century_British_Pamphlets_KBART downloaded 20181207.xls

        1. Ahhhh! D'oh! Should have looked there - TYVM!

  2. Sara Colglazier please feel free to provide files as you like - KBART was just a suggestion - if you can provide the ACM Digital Library list and a Newspapers example that would be be great. Any supporting information about these deals would also be helpful - how they are purchased (subscription, one-off, together with other titles etc.) and information about how they are represented in your link resolver or other knowledgebases and how you activate them (e.g. in link resolver, discovery services) - that would all be really interesting as well



    1. I put one to use to test newspapers and such in the shared folder as well is there with the JSTOR files .... although it is not real KBART etc

      ACM is really .... annoying. I cannot even find where/how to get a title list from them. ... So I am experimenting pulling lists from elsewhere. I will upload them to the shared google folder and hope they are useful.

      And I will create subfolder in the folder and move/put all the files I am uploading/have uploaded and then also additionally create a google doc where I will try to provide some supporting information as you have outlined, Owen.

      Let me know if that is not a okay plan.

      1. Thanks Sara - that would be great - please go ahead!

        1. I created a subfolder called: KBART and other Files and doc from Sara