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Discussion items

Minute takerKirstin Kemner-Heek

 Announcements/PC Updates

  • No further updates on FOLIO Developers meeting, but more information will be forthcoming
    • small group is working on this - more information to follow
  • Feature Review/Gap Analysis work has started
    • review all exisiting issues by insititutions
    • missing issues shall be added if necessary for "go-live" - all other wishes shall go through SIG process
  • FOLIO Quality Dashboard and Bug Fest
  • Codex: Technical Council determines there is not consensus about how to move forward with Codex
    • Clearer definition what codex is still needed
    • Communication between apps is an area to be discussed as well - there is already progress
    • Additional question: what is the vision of inventory? e.g. holdings / items in their own apps or not?
    • Normalizsation shouldn't happen in 2 places inside FOLIO - now happening through MARC in inventory; more to come
    • Question: how will the final conclusion regarding be codex reached?
      • First step: provide a vision for inventory
      • Breaking the larger codex vision in smaller pieces to deal with
      • TC is the address for the deep technical questions
      • Now available: Search in codex  - was done early in the project - then focus switched to inventory
      • Future need: Search across all FOLIO apps
      • More overview and understanding of consequenses needed - some kind of evaluation

Product IDs and how they display in Instances

 - This includes ISBNs, ISSNs, ISMNs, GPO numbers, catalog numbers, vendor product IDs, ASINs, UPC codes, etc.

  • Slides  (
  • A few answers/comments from the RM SIG meeting are noted in the slides
  • Identifier in inventory and acquisition
  • Control numbers, record and product ID's
  • In orders: section for product ID's
  • Is there a difference between product ID or record ID?
  • Can be added manually, automatically from inventory (if title already resides there)
  • example: 20 volume set - each volume needs to be ordered by itself (no set ordering needed)
  • What ISBN / ISSN shall be transmitted to the vendors? All of them or a choice? Which choice?
  • Different workflows need different data:
    • import from vendor
    • start in inventory with bibliographic data
    • start in orders = no item data for partial volume available
    • How to identify the "right" ID for the order process (= most relevant to the vendor)?
      • one agreed option: just take ISBN-13, drop ISBN-10
      • Offer a picking list of ISBN's to choose from for the order - see differentiation by the "addon information, e.g print / paperback"
      • Picking list for all kind of ID's?
      • e-material: bibliographic data maybe not sufficient - vendor specific information needs to be added to the orders  - if it is not orders via vendor webshop
      • Usage of notes?
      • Good integration of most important vendor webshops is critical - workflows switch from "sending orders out of the system" to "import orders into the system"
      • Option for "personal choice" is needed
      • No support of ID's marked as "invalid" - even if this is not always correct - other option: mark them as "invalid" in the picking list
  • Other ID's - choice is presented: more talk with MM SIG
  • If only ISBN-10 is present, ISBN-13 should be calculated and used for the process
  • Search with and without hyphens
  • ISBNs in MARC records are mainly saved without hyphens
    •  is it necessary to show them again anywhere: we know that librarians opinions differ here - but maybe no real need
  • Action item: please visit the discuss posts shown in the slides
  • Action item: please check back with your acquisitions people  if the presented workflows for print do work in general