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Product Council Updates/Announcements

  • Still waiting for more updates on FOLIO meeting in the Spring
  • Meet next week?

 Kristin Martin provided updates on FOLIO gathering in DC in June - no updates are yet available.

We decided for no meeting next week; several key people will be away. No meeting on March 29.

Pivoting the Vendor App to Organizations

Intersection of e-resources and acquisitions, regarding using the Vendor App across multiple applications. Dennis Bridges led discussion about changing vendor app to work in other apps, as well - especially Agreements app. proposals to change "Vendor Record" to "Organization"; then allow the organization to have the role of "vendor".

"Vendor" will become one of several possible options - can be vendor, material supplier, access provider, and/or some combination of them all. First step to make adjustment is to define what roles are possible, especially outside of what we've already defined.

"Vendor" will become "Organizations"; vendor will be one Role among the types of Organizations. Ann-Marie Breaux described ways that Organizations could be listed in multiple apps with different functions in different apps. She believes we need more detailed roles so that they can be used effectively in other apps. Most folks who shared comments felt that many large companies will play many or all different roles, but we will find many smaller vendors who only play one or two roles.

Owen Stephens In agreements and Licenses, there's no claims as to what a particular organization can do, based on its defined role. So, at the moment, defining who is what is really about limiting the number of choices when one looks at the list of a specific company type (ie, subscription agent, content provider). Adding a note about who plays a particular role is really just a tag, in a sense - not a definitive designation based on some other aspect within a different app. (I hope I represented that mostly correctly.)

Discussion took up most of the meeting, regarding what SMEs would like to see in the way that vendors would be implemented.

Dennis said they anticipate rolling out Vendor→Organization in Q2; Owen noted that once it has occurred in that app, ERM will be able to use it. Some changes to existing structure will be required.

Invoicing updatesInvoicing is a big project to discuss; Dennis and Ann-Marie felt there wasn't enough time remaining to present and tackle this issue. Ann-Marie provided a brief update on work that's going on in that area; there are many, many different ways that one can provide credits back to invoices. We will return to this in two weeks.

Action items