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Discussion items

Minute taker

Product Council updates

In-person meeting schedule being placed in Sched

Call for technical writer to develop/manage FOLIO documentation

Kristin Martin

About 80 people scheduled to attend F2F in DC. Preparations are going well, Jesse Koennecke has been compiling schedule and straightening out schedule conflicts.

Need for documentation has gone to Product Council; PC will/may be looking to hire someone(s) to create documentation. If this is of interest, contact your PC representative.

Jira Feature review: How should we approach this?

Kristin Martin reviewed capacity planning results and gap analysis results, presented PPT summarizing all the work that had been reviewed. Trying to define what must be ready for implementation. Lots more organizations looking at task of implementation. 211 features were added; 49 in acq. 

Capacity planning team then looked at how to fit everything in, given the available resources and time remaining. Situation leaves a lot of work to be done before Summer 2020. Kristin discussed options and what the PC is looking at regarding possible next steps. 

UMass Amherst said it would be important to address differences between PO Ranks and Institution Rank, which can vary dramatically. Ann-Marie Breaux said there's a lot of fluidity in what can be done when. Owen Stephens said POs haven't discussed the approach that POs would like to take, together. Difficult to know Q3 capacity at this point. Owen said it seems like Agreements and Licensing are a bit more ahead than other SIGs, perhaps. Less was added to Agreements during gap review. Dennis Bridges discussed the role of the Original PO Rank number, which impacts other spreadsheets as needed. Kristin raised questions about how we should move forward to address these issues without negatively impacting schedule for F2F meeting. The group discussed some of the challenges around determining if a particular issue is critical or not, for example when just one institution labels it as "go-live" when others do not. Kristin says our role as SIG is to be subject experts, and to define what is critical and "go-live". 

Kristin: as an assignment, please look at spreadsheet and identify any Jiras that we should discuss next week. You can add comments in Jira or on spreadsheet. We will discuss next week. 

No meeting in two weeks, because of F2F. 

Voucher run throughDennis Bridges

Dennis reviewed "an incredibly detailed portion of a very specific application..." We had previously reviewed creating and processing invoices. The voucher is the last step of the process. The voucher communicates with external systems. The invoice is readjusted to focus on external account numbers, through the voucher. Dennis' overview and presentation introduced current status of voucher system. There's one voucher for each invoice - a batch voucher, and an aggregate voucher  – see recording of session for better clarity on the difference between them. 

Invoice content intended for Q3 release. Comments are welcome, either to Dennis, or on relevant Jira tickets: UXPROD-703, UXPROD-695, UXPROD-916

Action items