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Announcements/UpdatesKristin Martin

 PC Updates:

Receiving and checkin of packages/Renewals

Receiving package = receiving multiple titles for the same PO line.

Order form update - Now includes a "package" checkbox under the Item details section. When this is checked, it affects other aspects of the form. The receiving information is now grouped together. There's a check-in box. If you check this, it manually creates a piece. Otherwise, the system will automatically created for each unit of quantity. A POL may result in the creation of a container in the future. Create inventory will still be done for material format. A POL for a package may directly relate to a record in inventory. In the Order app, you can view the POL and titles that have been received and also see how many items still need to be received.

Check-in is slightly different from receiving. When setting up the order, there's a check-in box to indicate that check-in will be needed for the order. When checking in print plus online subscriptions, using a check-in button in the order screen, you can select whether the issue you're checking in is the print or the online. Within a PO Line, for pieces there is a "Received" section and an "Expected" section. You can check in/receive individual titles but choose not to add each individual title in inventory.

Ongoing order section update - There's a review date and notes in the section as well as a checkbox for subscription. Checking this adds a subscription term end date, review period, renewal interval, and a checkbox to note if the subscription needs to be manually renewed. Comments are that this section will be hard to manually update. Consensus is that the renewal interval should not be a required field and there's concern about it being used to automatically adjust the term end date.

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