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Eric Hartnett 
Minute taker

History of rat control in Alberta:

 PC Updates/Announcements

PC Updates: Harry talked about the reverse RFP - there are some areas that he'd like assistance with. Owen will be reviewing the agreements/licenses sections. It's difficult because functionality is still being developed. For the MVP, if there are areas that people are going to have to come up with workarounds, they should discuss with POs. If something is needed, people will need to come up with something to pull out of the MVP.

One area of discussion at the upcoming app interaction meeting is On the Fly Records / or Fast Add records as a way for public services/other groups to quickly add records for items that are brought to the circ desk but do not have a record in the system, for example. If you're interested in participating in this conversation, contact Kristin and Andrea Loigman, convener for Resource Access.

Discussion/Demos of Acquisitions Units

  • What's MVP/what's later
  • Timing for finance work
  • Vouchers/connecting to financial systems: UXPROD-916 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Acquisitions units - used to assign rights to a user and protect or restrict certain functions from people not in the unit. For example, only members of this unit can view, edit, create, or delete. Unit members are assigned from Users. A user can assign an acquisition unit to a PO but only the acquisitions units they're a part of. You can filter orders by acquisitions unit. The ability to creating/editing acquisitions units is a specific restriction as well. Owen asked if this would be a good model for Agreements/Licenses. A couple of people said it would be good to extend this to all of the acquisitions related apps, like ERM. Acquisitions units for acq apps should be in the next release. Duke - this isn't a priority for us for ERM.

Timeline for rest of functionality: Work in Finance app has been ongoing and have been added to the test environment (Folio snapshot) but the updates are being held until Q4. Can view funds/budgets, can allocate funds, and transfer funds between budgets. Still buggy but is in progress, in the current sprint. There are still some display issues. There are still some polish to add to the Invoices app. Still working on adjustments behavior. Adjustments can be made to the invoice itself. A fund distribution is not needed.

The ability to apply teams has been split and is not as high a priority.

Minute taker Martina Schildt:

Q4 labels will be added or adjusted; work is still going on here. Prioritising is still taking place. The plan is to support the voucher and accounting workflow in Q4, including FY rollover and import functionality for invoicing (EDIFACT). Export of orders was originally planned for Q4 as well. Features that are cap-mvp or PO-mvp are supposed to be developed in Q3/Q4. Cap-mvp is the more restrictive of the 2 labels. There will be no mid-quarter release for Q4.

Libraries that plan to go-live in 2020 will go on testing. Final decision can be made in the course of the next months, as only a resticted amount of workarounds will be doable. 

Export to accounting: there is a filter to select invoices for accounting available. Invoices are summarised by the external account number. The export itseöf has not been built yet, but it is at the top of the priority list.

Serials: When creating an order for print serials, the order is attached to an instance in inventory or nothing. POL would link to the instance. Any pieces that you receive on that POL could relate to items on that instance. If you have multiple POLs for one instance, the system knows which POL is for which item. If you use the agreements app the POL will always be linked to the specific version of the resource. There does not need to be any linking to inventory at all.

Next thing that will be demoed in RM SIG from ACQ side will be the finance functionality.


Von Owen Stephens an alle: 02:35 PM
History of rat control in Alberta: Amazing what there are websites for! “The rats cannot survive in natural areas and cannot overwinter in cultivated fields in Canada.” I’ll stop now :)
Von Dennis Bridges an alle: 02:36 PM
hahaha thx
Von Owen Stephens an alle: 02:58 PM
I’m interested in whether people see this as a good model for restricting in Agreements and Licenses And whether we can sensibly piggy-back on this work “you must be a member of this acquisition group to be able to carry out the following actions on resources allocated to this group”
Von Lucinda an alle: 03:08 PM
When do you expect this feature to be available?
Von Julie Brannon - Duke an alle: 03:11 PM
To Owen's question: At Duke, we don't currently anticipate needing to differentiate restrictions for specific licenses or agreements so this isn't a high priority feature for us.
Von Owen Stephens an alle: 03:31 PM
I think that’s really important Michael and completely agree
Von Owen Stephens an alle: 03:40 PM
Do they have those in Canada ?
Von mir an alle: 03:46 PM
Here is a mock-up by Charlotte for POLs in Inventory:
Von Owen Stephens an alle: 03:49 PM
If you use Agreements then it is always linked to specific version of the e-resource - platform/package/supplier specific And you can link the POL to the Agreement line and not link in Inv at all If you want (and if you aren’t using Agreements … let me know why not :) Yes - I think this absolutely gets to Michael’s earlier point - you have to look at the system through the eyes of implementation, not just raw functionality

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