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Discussion items

Minute TakerKristin Martin


  • PC Meeting 11/7/2019
  • ERM SIG Format Change
    • Alternating weeks devoted to implementation and requirements for furture development

Planning for WOLFCon 2020: what RM Topics do we want to have



  • Deadline for submission: November 18
  • ERM SIG ideas: please add to the spreadsheet by our meeting on November 15. Try to flesh out as many fields as possible.
  • Kristin will submit finalized ideas through the Google form after the RM SIG meeting on November 15

Will there be developers at the meeting?

  • Not clear if/how this will be determined?
  • Product Owners/functional experts will be there.


  • still learning about how FOLIO-specific sessions will intermingle with other projects under the OLF umbrella.
  • Conference times: full days Wednesday-Thursday, Friday partial day
  • The conference will be streamed

Organizations App, ERM Implementation, and Challenges from the 5 Colleges

See slides for a detailed list of concerns, including:

  • Accordion sequence does not prioritize the right data
  • Confused around Accounting code: does it need to be entered twice? Suggest some more descriptive names and clarification of accounting code vs. vendor account number
  • Information within the organizations app is divorced from its context - hard to figure out which phone number belongs to what
  • Also lots of scrolling and white spaces, hard to find a name


  • Libraries would like to be able to set their own preferences on the order of data in the Organizations app. This functionality is not available yet, but may be in the future.
  • Multiple Accounting Codes allow for different remit addresses for larger organizations. There is a default accounting code, but it can be overridden.
  • If an organization has multiple accounting codes, what should appear in the summary? All or none?
  • In Coral, there is a "card" for a contact, more compact display, easier to find new names and information about that name. Like the display better on the edit screen and how contacts are displayed within the Agreements app
  • Would like more flexibility to connect phone numbers to addresses as needed.
Acquisitions/access types for eHoldingsWill delay until November 15.

Action items