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Minute taker
Demo and walk-through of acquisitions updates for Q4 2019 

In Orders:

  • There is more integration with Tags - can search and filter by them.
  • There is a "Connected" indicator when an order is connected to an instance in Inventory by using the look-up functionality. It will disconnect the PO if you start changing the information in the PO - it assumes you are trying to create a new instance. There is a match algorithm using title/identifier to connect the order to a different instance if one already exists.
  • If you create an order with a template built by a team you're not a part of, the system will let you know that the team needs to be removed in order to create the order.
  • You can add fund distribution into a PO and, after adding in the dollar and/or percentage, you'll see how much is left to distribute. If you don't fully allocate the amount, you'll get a message that you still have some cost that needs to be distributed. Things can change at the invoice level.
  • Requested items will prompt a message when they're received.

In Invoices:

  • When you create an Invoice based on a PO, it pulls over the fund distribution and adjustments can be made. You can also redistribute the funds within the invoice.
  • Credits haven't made it into this release.
  • You can now approve and pay an invoice in one click. If fully paid and received and "release encumbrance" is checked, the PO is automatically closed. This needs to be revisited as their may be issues with this approach based on one-time versus ongoing orders. Items that don't go a receipt process (e.g., electronic items) may not close. Currently, there isn't functionality to reopen and then re-close a PO.

In Finance:

  • You can have multiple ledgers for the same fiscal year.
  • Awaiting payment and Expended are not coded so they will not be in the Q4 release.
  • A number of important features haven't made it into the Q4 but are slated for Q1.

Looking at priorities:

  • Finishing finances is critical: UXPROD-196 and UXPROD-2167 are schedule for the first sprint in Q1 2020
  • Exporting/importing data is more complex and may not happen in Q1. This includes UXPROD 916 for exporting vouchers and UXPROD-195 and UXPROD-195 for important EDIFACT invoices
  • Receiving work deferred is lower priority and may not happen for the next couple of releases (UXPROD-1547 and UXPROD-689)
  • Payment in other currencies (UXPROD-697) other than the default is mostly working, but buggy. Priority for finishing work appears to be low.
  • Not sure where FYRO will fit in. Further discussion of priorities is warranted at a future meeting.
Discussion of acquisition features/prioritization for Q1 2020Prioritization will be covered at the next meeting.


Index Data is looking at how they will continue to work on the project based on a change in their funding.

Action items