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Discussion items

Minute TakerHeather Thoele

Product Council updates:

Kristin Martin


Schedule for WOLFCon up in Sched, continues to evolve on a regular basis.


  • Claiming workflow
  • Vouchers revisited
Dennis Bridges


  • Starts in the Order app, crosses over into the receiving area.
  • When creating the order, you need to indicate you want claiming active. With that, there will be  an alert on the po and the pol when an expected received by date is past.
  • The receiving area will also show a claim alert.
  • Not yet outlined: what does it look like once a claim is sent. The most common method for institutions is claiming through the vendor or an email.
    • Conversation on what needs to be in the email and the types of correspondence that happen with claims.
  • How much claiming do institutions actually do? Dennis would like a sense of the volume.
  • Here's a link to the claims background spreadsheet. Some of Acq Small Group have already filled it out:
  • How claiming for online access will work is discussed.
  • There will be a story associated with the claiming filter.

Voucher updates:

  • 1 major change made to batch process.
    • Batch group will be a simple controlled vocabulary found in invoice settings.
    • Initially there will be one group labeled FOLIO. This name can be changed but the group cannot be deleted.
    • Exports and Export settings will be adjustable for each institution you configure in your FOLIO instance.
  • Daily or weekly, can choose the days of the week you want it to run.
  • Another thing added to vouchers, confirming format downloading and what format they are being in the FTP location.
  • Q - How is the batch structured? A – Grouped by what you defined and vouchers you approved since your last export. Outside of that still working on determining what this will look like.
  • Invoice itself, stays together as a unit.

Action items