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Discussion items

Minute taker?Nicole Trujillo

Announcements/PC Updates

Two large updates:

  • Proposed quality assurance initiative. Please review the proposal. Quality PPT 
  • Wiki documentation for Onboarding new members

ERM Implementation Discussion:

  • Peter McCracken: when to create multiple agreements and handling multiple licenses from the same organization (examples from Royal Society of Chemistry)
  • Sara Colglazier: use case examples for notes at the Agreement Line level (not currently possible), versus examples (now possible) of Notes (Notes Helper App-?) at the Agreement level or Notes at the title/package level (eHoldings)
  • Functionality needed when using Agreements with eHoldings
  • Other topics from the ERM Implementers Lists

PM's presentation on how Cornell is using FOLIO ERM

  • Using Confluence for documentation.


  • Data was imported. A number of instances with "waiting bubbles" or freeze in system activity. AM: Working on a process to make it easier for people to enter bugs.
  • Using KB code as code. Code is a required field but does not enforce uniqueness. KG: code update coming
  • In general, you have to remember to save a lot as you go. For platform interfaces, is there a way to default sort by name?


  • No edit pencil? Should be consistent from app to app
  • Q: Is there a way to delete a license? A: Should be supported at some point.
  • No way to duplicate a license?
  • Using a link to cloud storage under core documents for the actual license
  • Q: Can you create a license template? A: Have done so in the past in another system.
  • OS: Another option is to have a single license with amendments that express seats as opposed to licenses by seat number.


  • Q: How long does it take to enter in a new agreement? A: Still developing workflow, Created extensive instruction page in local documentation. Probably taking 20-25 minutes. Depends on the type of agreement.
  • Q: How many are working on this? A: About 8 people in the E Resources group.
  • For agreement lines, viewing each resource as an agreement line then adding it to holdings.
  • Can't change the width of the columns, would be helpful. KG: eHoldings has a newer version of panes where the detailed record is on a full pane view. In Organizations you can collapse the panes. What type of behavior do people find the most functional?
  • Listing many organizations as content provider and as a vendor.
  • Working what to do when you don't have start dates for agreements.
  • Cancellation deadlines can have a variety of options, how do you enter in those special (non date) values?
  • Agreement separation based on signed document, agreement lines can be added if they are part of the same signed document
  • Q: Are you able to be consistent with your agreements, given that licenses vary greatly between vendors? A: Limited consistency this point, still going through different types. SC: Organizes agreements based on collection grouping based on E Resource management function (ex: JSTOR current vs JSTOR Arts and Sciences) rather then licenses.
  • Q: Are agreements done for everything (single title single platform) or just the large packages? A: SC, all, PM, as much as we can, but there will probably be a line.
  • Q: Do you have a sense of total active agreements? A: Not sure right now, going to estimate 600-700?


  • Selecting the multiple packages in eHoldings to attache to an agreement can require a lot of steps and remembering what you selected.

SC's presentation on Use Case Examples for Notes vs Agreement Lines

  • Working on structuring the agreement app. Holdings and license information coming from a separate HLM system.
  • Looking at using agreement lines for individual journals, going through the eHoldings app. Coverage is decided by eHoldings. OS: Need to look at how the eHoldings app connection to agreements differs between KB implementations in eHoldings. Can people see what they need to see for attached agreements?
  • Might use notes to help with cost of use calculations for overlapping collection coverage, but can't see notes in current edit screen. Right now notes are in the description field.
  • Currently using notes to describe holdings issues. Seems buried, also disappears if you go into edit.
  • Dates can be confusing, if you enter the data in one time zone but are viewing it in another. Should be reported as a bug.
  • For license agreement relationships, not seeing the one needed for relationship trying to express. It is nice to have relationships that automatically link agreements. OS: What types of relationships should we add?
  • For eHoldings app Note, can we have the character limit be posted? Q: Why is there a character limit? A: To make it work in the display.

Action items



  1. Hi Kristin Martin, I would like to add a topic to the discussion: Searchable alternate names/titles for agreements, as listed by Jack Mulvaney in the Implementers List (#7). Thanks!

    1. Hey Annika Schröer I actually asked if we could pass on this for Friday. Myself and some other Five College folks won't be able to tend due to committee obligations.

      1. Hi Jack Mulvaney, oh, I didn't know that. It would have been a very good place and group to discuss the issue. But it will of course also be okay to tackle in a different meeting, as long as we get to it quickly. Maybe we can try to put it on the agenda for next week's ERM meeting on wednesday? Will you be there? 

        1. I will, and we actually have a meeting tomorrow where I can ask folks to consider their use cases and prepare for next Wednesday. Martina Tumullaand Martina Schildtis this okay with both of you for next Wednesday 3/4?

          1. Annika Schröer Jack Mulvaney yes, Martina and I will include it in the ERM meeting agenda for March 4th. Looking forward to your use cases.