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Discussion items

Minute taker?


Kristin Martin
  • SIG convener meeting
  • People can volunteer to take part in bug fest
  • Request from TC and Cap planning team: looking for specific skills (slides in PC minutes)
  • After fameflower next release will be Goldenrod
  • request for someone to convene and invite to next week's meeting: we will do an ERM meeting, Owen and Martina and Martina will take care
  • ERM: please add to Gill'S questions in Slack channel or in last meeting's minutes:
  • possible future RM topic. walk through renewal in Agreements and Orders

Receiving examples:

  • Levant Pack
  • American Political Science Association Membership
  • Taylor and Francis Journals:
  • 3 online titles in p&e package
  • as agreement lines individual titles were added
  • all associated with the same PO
  • in addition you can add further individual journal titles as agreement lines
  • in the e-resources covered by this agreement section you can sort the resources to see which ones belong to the mini-bundle
  • EBSCO is not tracking titles as a package; that's why you would add them as individual lines
  • alternative: agreement line could represent the package as mini-bundle: indvidual titles will be listed as covered e-resources then the titles from the mini-bundle will mix up with the other agreement line titles
  • would be good to take advantage i.e. of Harrassowitz' (Fokus) subscription data
  • can create custom packages only by importing them as structured data
  • question arises whether we need a manual option to create a custom package in the system
  • that is not possible and but maybe KBART import is easier
  • some prefer to have both options
  • export functionality of Fokus creates a spreadsheet that would be good to be able to upload
  • it doesn't seem to be a huge effort to have an import either, as K-Int develops for LAS:eR (License admin system in Germany)
  • dev progress there is good
  • PO numbers that you import out of fokus need to be searched and retrieved on the agreement line to include the link to the POL
  • POL linked to agreement lines is has order format P&E
  • inventory record  is not to be created because this is a package
  • in inventory: manual creation of records, one for print, one for online
  • to associate records with package in orders (POL): from POL → actions: receive
  • then in receiving the according titles related to the POL will be displayed if there are any
  • click new
  • there you can link titles in inventory
  • but how can I see that there are electronic resources linked
  • if I do not receive the electronic resources, do I need a note on the POL to describe that ther is the physical title with link to inventory and in addition an online title that does not display
  • you would have 2 instances in inventory: one e one p
  • a title in receiving cannot relate to 2 titles in inventory
  • so you would need to have 2 receiving titles, although you do not receive the electronic
  • people would like to link the inventory record to the agreement line respectively resource in agreements
  • Felix in chat: The related instances has not made the CAP-MVP. UXPROD-1892 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Owen in chat: I want to re-state - there is nothing fleeting about the internal KB in agreements - it is local to Folio, and controlled in Folio - that’s part of the point of having it
  • being independant from external KBs is important to people
  • libararies can use both, the internal KB and eholdings
  • Owen in chat: I should say - if you use both internal and eHoldings it does complicate the UX a bit - but those are also things we can work at resolving if that way of working is going to be important
  • after saving the first receiving title, if you want to add a second title, click new again
  • then you need to look-up the POL manually, it is not preset and you cannot type it in
  • how do users see that they have the agreement lines from the receiving app
  • only from the POL (this is not yet seeable, but will be, is in development)
  • Owen in chat: There is a Jira issue to add the Agreement info into the POL display UIOR-445 - Getting issue details... STATUS ; This is the relevant feature you can rank if you want UXPROD-2141 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • there seems to be value to see the titles on the PO
  • Dennis: we could easily display the titles on the order; and you could create a POL for each
  • you would need to either double down on agreements or on inventory; contradicts with ethos of FOLIO, but then there is the reality of workflows
  • it is not ideal to receive something that I would normally not receive
  • Kristen: do we need the container?
  • container would be independant of receiving
  • package POL would be a hotlink to the container
  • Martina: container solution still seems like the best approach for the package scenario
  • Sara: it is crucial to be able to record what you have in your package

Action items