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Minute takerMartina Schildt


PC discussion on press releases

No RM meeting next week on July 3rd

Receiving Process and locations

  • example of 4 pieces on one order and 4 different situations 
  • different types of order make no difference
  • scenario #1
    • piece is received after changing permanent location of the holding that is connected
    • new holding is created in Inventory and piece is connected to the new holding  with new location
    • worry: receiving staff may by mistake send the pieces to the wrong location then, because in Receiving the location is still the old one
    • not consistent: 2 different locations in different apps for the same piece
    • request to keep the old holding and just update
  • scenario #2
    • location is changed when receiving
    • new location is created and piece is connected to the new holding and location
  • scenario #3
    • changing location of piece, to a holding that already exists
    • permanent location can be changed on the holding in Inventory; all expected on order items are still there on the changed holding
    • on the receiving record the location is not updated; so it would be received to the old location of the holding
    • a new holding is created in Inventory for these items
    • items will be moved to this new holding in Inventory
  • scenario #4
    • receiving a piece to new location of holding 1
    • no new holding is created

questions and comments:

  • when changing location on Receiving it seems weird that old location in Inventory does not change as well
  • it seems you would need to change the location in Inventory
  • how does this work for serials
  • Chicago and others use an "on order" location
  • Sara: receiving is done by not "deeply trained" people; this process will be very difficult to train
  • libraries may end up with a lot of corrupt data
  • for a serial you may have moving permanent locations  (e.g. for off-site storages)
  • if users order pieces to "on order" location; if they want to change the location they would change it on the holding
  • after receiving, when user changes the location in the Inventory, the location in Receiving should not change
  • but if you change the location in Inventory before receiving, it should change and be consistent everywhere
  • this will be differnt for orders that stay open like for serials - the folio may change and that's why from a specific time on issues will go to a different location
  • this change on the receiving pattern will be done on the acquisitions/receiving side

  • request by Sara and group: have an indication on the actual copy/piece number in display
  • have this be created automatically

Chat: Von Lloyd (Marmot) an alle: 02:45 PM
Why would you want to change the location?

  • Marmot might not need this level of detail and the change location functionality
  • if users just want to keep the initial location, that will work

Chat: Von Jesse Lambertson an alle: 03:31 PM
Question: Would reporting return 'empty' orders holdings-data in reports (even after those items have been moved to perm locations)? Or would that now emptied 'order' location simply be restricted from reports? Or am I misunderstanding? thanks

  • Question: what is the status for work on EDI orders and automated processes?
  • the features are Q4 features

Jiras for review:

Dennis Bridgesdiscussion is postponed

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