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Discussion items

Review list of report deliverables

  • No additions/changes to the listed reports from the group
  • Additions: OA access should also be a focus, will be a 5th report
  • Counter reports to be used: Master reports contain all information, eUsage provides them, they can be used for the calculation

Begin reviewing report mockups

Report: Cost per request (ongoing)

Comments/discussion topics

  • It makes sense to divide resource types to different tabs (Books, journals)
  • ...
  • There can be multiple PO lines per Agreement line
  • Display fiscal year associated with the payment.
    • Problem: What about payment in advance? Is there any data element to record this in FOLIO? Martina will take the question back to the acq small group.
    • Should we use subscription dates/access dates/renewal dates instead of the fiscal year? Kristen will look into the data model again, it might be problematic, because most fields are optional or can be used in different ways
  • Have unique and total item requests as separate columns. At the moment, total item requests are important to compare with Counter R4 reports, but on the long run unique item requests is the more useful metric.
  • Do we need to report encumbrances? Some uncertainties: price increase, exchange rates. A column “fully paid” would make more sense instead.
  • Should packages be split up to single titles?
    • Pro: be able to compare indepently from package size
      Con: Only estimated costs, costs can only be split evenly
      Kristen will prepare mockups to be able to compare both versions
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