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Difference between investigation and search for non-full text databases

Jessica Harris will look into this before the meeting

From the Project COUNTER glossary:

Investigation: A category of COUNTER metric types that represent a user accessing information related to a content item (i.e. an abstract or detailed descriptive metadata of an article) or a content item itself (i.e. full text of an article).

Search: A user-driven intellectual query, typically equated to submitting the search form of the online service to the server.

Questions about open access use

Should we have a separate open access use report or should we try to accomplish OA reporting goals with the existing reports? (We will have the acces_type field available as part of the master report.)

Even if we do want a separate OA report, how should we handle it for the Agreement-based reports? Should we include OA or not?

Group agreed that one report for controlled & OA content would be OK as long as we're able to filter.

separate open access use reports, because we only want to determine the costs per download for closed content (contend that we actually pay for)
Visualizations for reports

Review report mockups and think about what type of data visualization preview you'd like to see in FOLIO. Can include pie chart, line graph, bar graph, etc. Ideas can include descriptions, sketches, examples from other systems, etc.

Cost per use

Use by month

Use by publication year

Cost per use: Bar chart showing the costs per request with the ability to filter by metric would be best. It would also be useful to include title count.

Use by month: Bar chart for total vs. unique item requests & for different database metrics. Allowing us to also view this year by year would be helpful. Possibly set a rule that if it's 1 year or less, breakdown by month, but if it's more than 1 year, breakdown by year only (not month).

Use by publication year: This one would be more complicated as there would be a few different metrics involved (usage year, publication year, and # of uses). One solution could be to create a stacked bar chart that shows usage year on the x axis, with different colors for the dates of publication within each bar. This could get messy though with the # of publication years.

ideas for visualizations

Report view download in eUsage

We are currently working on integrating CSV download for Counter R5 report views. We most likely won’t be able to offer every report view as direct CSV download (but they can be created from the master reports).  Which report views are the most commonly used views that we should support?

Feedback University Library Leipzig:

* DR_D1 = Database Search and Item Usage

* TR_B1 = Book Requests (Excluding OA_Gold)

* TR_J1 = Journal Requests (Excluding OA_Gold)

* TR_J4 = Journal Request by Year of Publication (Excluding OA_Gold)

Feedback University of Chicago:

* DR_D1 = Database Search and Item Usage

* TR_B3 = Book Usage by Access Type

* TR_J3 = Journal Usage by Access Type

* TR_J4 = Journal Request by Year of Publication (Excluding OA_Gold)

To be continued when Annika is present.

Also relevant for SLUB Dresden

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