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Review addition of OA data to reports

Use by month

Use by publication year

Include OA access into reports without cost association: Added Acces type field to be able to filter for access type.

Review visualization mockups

Use by month

  • Simple bar diagram, total/unique requests
  • If report period > 1 year, monthly data will be aggregated by year
  • Chose format: Journal/book/database

Cost per use report has additional line over bar diagram for title count -- this is hard to create for use per month because of missing data (fiscal year connection).
→ T
he group likes it as is, the title count isn’t needed.

Cost per use

  • Bar diagram with additional line for title count 

The group likes the visualization shown, no further comments so far.

Use by publication year

  • Stacked bar diagram

Problem: frontfile and backfile would normally be handled in separate agreements -- so this report visualization will not be of much help in this respect.
A user could, though set up an agreement with both files.

Access distribution across agreement

Annika shows first idea for a visualization based on the use by month report data. 

The group likes the idea.

  • showing seperate titles is not important,
  • displaying a curve in some way is useful, though (so not only bar diagrams for grouped titles)

Kristen will work out a mockup to discuss in next meeting.

Review FOLIO app mockups

Genereal discussion about integration into the agreements app

  • If we want to show data within the agreements app, we need to make it configurable (turn on/off)
  • Index Data developers will have to figure out integration with erm dev team
  • A fallback option might be integrating the reports and visualisations into the eUsage app, have the user chose an agreement there.
  • The group has a strong favor for integrating into the agreements app as planned, if technically

→ Martina will set up a poll for a technical meeting to discuss the integration into Agreements.

eUsage Reports Harvest Summary and Results

Preview in Agreements app

  • Accordion Usage stats preview
  • first, the user can configure report parameters, then click on a button to show visualisation
  • Calculations will not be made on-the-fly, but there will most likely be multiple pre-calculated tables with data in the backend.
  • This would imply some kind of update process for pre-calculation.

Kristen: would real-time data be important to the group?
→ No, 24h delay would not be a problem for the group, daily processing is okay.

Mockups show separate -”sub-accordions” for each report.
→ It would be better to replace this with a dropdown to chose the report,  makes the functionality more expendable and the UI cleaner

Matching UI inside of eUsage

  • Specific accrodeon within UDP
  • Shows metadata like date  of last harvest, status
  • The eUsage harvesting triggers the matching process, the user can manually aprove afterwards

Table with harvesting results:

  • matches have link  to KB → User can edit
  • titles without a match → User can create match


  • start with counter data and try to match every title with a title in the knowledge base (“The KB” = Local KB in Agreements)
  • Will try to store the matches, to not have to match again for every single report for the same data
  • How important is it to match every single usage data title with a KB title?
    → The group is not sure, maybe not that important.
  • Add option “ignore this title” → would be good

Numbers for matched/unmatched titles will link to filtered lists


What should the status show?



Think about worflows.

→ How will users work with the matching process?

→ Which status parameters would help with those workflows? What would help to e.g. identify work to be done?

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