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Development updates
  • Integration with Agreements

Basic question of how to create an optional plugin has been resolved with K-Int (Dev team of Agreements). The Plugin will display an accordion in Agreements app, it can be enabled only for libraries who use eUasge and Agreements and all necessary components, it will have only optional dependencies. Agreed on approach, pull request in agreements.

Annika: Will using the internal KB be one of those dependencies? 
Our statistics might be interesting to people who are using eHoldings or no KB? 

Kristen:  Will check, but usage data would not be able in line with agreement, so it might not be of much use and people would rather go to eUsage directly, download the report and do their own statistics.

Annika: Really nice look for a PoC, seems to be a good approach. Very interested in testing with real data.
No other feedback so far, people have not had time to watch the video, yet

Feedback can also be shared in Slack!
Kristen is interested in any Feedback, so please add it to the slack channel!

  • Backend development

Kristen:  Development will make progress now.
The feedback from this group was very helpful so far, it’s now more a question of getting it done.

Plans for testing
  • What scenarios do we want to make sure we test?
  • Sourcing and creating test data

ID will set up a scratch environment with stable test data, it will be an authenticated system, accounts will be shared with people in time.
The data provided for the tests will not be accessible to the public.

What should be tested? E-Book-Package, a journal package mixed package, rela agreements from a library, etc.

What could people provide? We will need either Sushi login data or Counter files to upload (Counter 5 master reports as JSON or CSV), KBART files or KB titles to link to the agreement. PO data will most likely be set up manually.

Kristen will create a Google doc to collect ideas and post the link in Slack.
Please add your ideas!


Annika will take 15 minutes from next meeting’s time to talk about a problem with differences between title view reports created by the eUsage app from master reports and those same title view reports when downloaded directly from the providers’ websites.

ID and Leipzig developers will meet to talk about harvesting master reports with additional attributes, wich is necessary for YOP reporting. Will report next week.

Kristen will talk to Kristen Martin to report back tp RM for feedback

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