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Discussion items

Minute taker


  • looking at the road map, the PC will be working with the relevant groups, in the new org structure, to work out the future steps etc. This is a change, but that is the overall plan
  • update from capacity plan, taking the form of the pointing scheme
    • deadline for the pointing exercise is April 30
  • WolfCon 'save the dates' are listed

UXPROD-1995 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-1925 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Related to UXPROD-2373 - Getting issue details... STATUS ?

  • think about keyboard shortcuts
    • included in the r2 release (not in Iris)
    • keys for escape, close, etc
    • the shotrtcuts need to be implemented in each app
  • In orders app, there is the ability to hide and make viewable fields
    •  in a poll, Dennis would like to capture which fields folks would like to have which data points viewable in Orders
    • folks at Duke talking about information that is helpful with ongoing order vs one time orders (different data is needed to represent these two types of orders)
    • This functionality would be tied to your browser session
    • there are some global technical hurdles that need to be overcome to work out this functionality
  • When POLs are searched, this taxes the system a lot
    • Looking for ways to make this better
    • cross index sub queries
    • the full view of the PO is not enough 
    • More information from the PO could be incorporated
    • when you select, would the better mode to combine PO 'header' with info from the POL?
    • from chat (What’s the maximum number of POLs you are likely to see on a single PO? )
    • Answer: You could have up to 999 POLs on a PO 
    • from chat (Is the basis for that maximum a real use case or just a system limit that happens to have been implemented? (I’m sort of assuming the latter) 
    • from chat (Yes, we are Cornell do use multiple line items for one time orders. Having the PO and POL information together would be nice to see. When I look at the PO I also think of it as the header. )
    • multiple POLs on a single PO can cause issues of tracking, cleanup, etc
    • The looking at PO in orders does not provide enough information to be helpful
    • POL has so much more information
    • each POL has to be clicked into to see what is actually what (to know which titles are associated with each order)
    • from chat (I’m interested in how this is solved in a UI/UX sense because there’s a parallel to Agreements + Agreement Lines and I’ve wondered if we need to have an Agreement Line search like the POL search … but OTOH don’t want to end up recreating the same problem being discussed here (although obviously there are differences in the two scenarios and what is the key information) )
    • key distinctions between ongoing and one-time (context is so different)
    • don't want to click between 2 records to figure things out
    • no way to filter between one-time and ongoing (order type is in the header, the PO)
    • But order status, type, etc are very important
    • we need to continue to talk about search (not perfect, even if it's quick)
    • How to rethink the back end WHILE integrating some of the PO and POL info better
    • from chat (There’s search and there’s display right?  //

      For example I could see some of the issues resolved by an additional pane (if we had the room!))

    • from chat (I’m not saying that’s the right way to do it, but it seems like a possible approach )
    • elasticSearch opens more doors for data coming from other apps, not just the app in which you're currently working
    • Possible display that shows the PO and the POL info
    • ref:


    • from chat (tbh I don’t think UXPROD-491 takes us in the right direction for what we are needing for Orders )
    • from chat (sure, just the point being the need for enhanced view of parent-child relationships on POs and POLs)
    • from chat (Rather than another pane why not expand each pol as you click with PO persisting on top )
  • Acquisitions data on holdings and item records:
    • UXPROD-1995 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • UXPROD-1925 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • how to display order information on holdings record
      • ultimate decision was to include: POL, order status, and price
      • POL links back to it
      • it was suggested that a POL status could be included (received, awaiting receipt, partially received, etc)
      • Clicking on the Inventory app, one could see the order info displayed in the holdings record
      • also, the 'type' and the 'subscription' would be very helpful
      • from chat (I'm wondering why this section is titled "Acquisition" instead of "Orders"? Why not just be very clear that this section is about orders?)
      • from chat (If there are many items associated with the holdings record, how do I know what order information is for which item ) 
      • Cw suggests all the acquisitions data display elements could be fixed at one time
      • If multiple items are associated with a holding, to which item would a price displayed be associated
      • acquisitions data will also show on item records
      • ref UXPROD-1647 and others
      • display issues are important alongside display issues!!
      • Q: should a Jira be added to get this into the mix?
      • Will need feedback before taking next steps
      • will circle back
  • Implementing a print template for POs
    • talk about next week
Implementors' Questions

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