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  • Agenda
    • Discuss order renewal integration details and what data is most valuable to update.
    • Demo on receiving updates regarding Holdings ID (depends on testing environment working) and update on UAT testing of that functionality 

    Dennis: Wants to add a front end change. Regarding editing invoicing links. 


4 minutes after the hour

Dennis:  demo of Holdings

Storing holding ID in the po line so that when you go to inventory and you look at the holdings you see the connection. 

Under the Acq accordion you can now see the details of the order. 

There are dependencies to make this happen, and the dependences got pushed back to R3. So this function also got pushed back to R3. 

Changes related to orders that Dennis would like us to participate in user testing, editing locations in an order. 

If manually add pieces for receiving checked, can edit quantity in the orders app. 

When creating a pol, the thing you'll notice different is when creating the po line and choosing locations, if this is connected to an instance, rather than needing to choose a location, you can select from available holdings. 

Order Renewal Integration Feedback summary. 14 minutes after the hour. 

Folio renewal integration. 

It's not about creating orders, it's about updating renewals during renewal. 

Allows 3rd party systems to update orders and order lines. 

Wants to talk about the problems aiming to solve by allowing 3rd party systems to update order records. 

Key points of feedback: 

  • Updating is time-consuming and expensive.
    • More frequent updates after renewal are changes to Fund or subscription number. 
    • Need to indicate what has been cancelled. 
    • Occasionally we need to update when adding electronic access to a print subscription. 
  • Date entry introduces the op for error and data to get out of sync
    • The updates may also just not happen
    • Maintaining the match point is one of the most error prone areas. 
    • Dennis: Where do these errors happen?
  • Difficult to manage encumbrances for renewable  orders
    • Minor differences can be expected as often encumbrances are based on expended amounts from the previous year. 
    • This is why we do not encumber these orders. 
  • Updates to order data could be missed and lead to confusion. 
    • Library is notified about changes to title, frequency, publisher, etc. and generally are more a concern for updating the marc record than the order data. 
    • There is a chance but not really tied to renewal. 
    • Doesn't happen often and generally communicated when they do so they are not difficult to update. 
  • Are there other problems that were not addressed here
    • Updating SNA's or providers
    • Should help with confusion of whether an order should be closed or not. Sometimes this gets out of sync between the two systems and it's difficult to determine what the library wanted to do. 
    • Could be used to observe complete delivery of all items. Integrating the claiming of missing issues. Possibly delay of delivery could be pushed to the library to save time chasing issues. 
    • We wouldn't want erroneous information from the vendor pushed into FOLIO. The vendor system may have errors as well that could make it a pain to have the integration. 

Dennis: Is there anything else to talk about? Anything not captured here?

Dennis: Things we want to update include vendor reference numbers. 

43 minutes: Discussed Legacy ILS numbers. 

Dennis: Is the ability to cancel certain orders and have that information sync between folio and ILS sync more important than updating folio information. 

If the publisher changed, is it helpful to have that changed in the system, of just to know what was canceled. 

55 minute mark in the video. 

Relinking lines in EDIfact invoices. 

Demo - Screen shot - ability when you import invoices through Edifact you need to be able to relink. Just implemented a way to change the link. 

In image, have pol lookup in the invoice line table. 

Is there any feedback on this mock up?

Each invoice line now has POL look up. 

Suggestion: Use an image that indicates linking ability.