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Resource Management SIG Overview

  • Charge: works with developers to define essential functions for acquiring and managing all types of materials: fund structures, orders, receiving, payment, claims, licensing, access and authentication methods, maintenance, usage and other statistics, other possible evaluation tools, and reporting.  The SIG will consider options to show relationships between resources, and mechanisms and workflows needed to support these functions. The SIG will also need to evaluate the potential for applications supporting selection, decision-making, and analysis with the aim of ensuring that current work does not limit future innovation. The Resource Management SIG advises developers on the coordination needed between its operations and other functions, such as metadata management.  It also advises developers on the interactions needed between libraries, vendors, and other parties necessary for successful resource management.

  • Convener: Kristin Martin

  • PO: Multiple POs covering different but related domains

  • Meeting: Friday at 8:30 AM ET

  • Scope: The Resource Management SIG oversees the work of the subgroups. Specific actions/topics to be covered in the meeting:

    • Review of app interactions/cross-app workflows between Acquisitions/ERM/e-holding

    • Input on development occurring from other domains outside of Resource Management

    • Review of priorities and gaps

    • Higher-level decision making and directives to subgroups

    • Creating new subgroups for additional areas as needed

  • Membership: Open to all interested individuals

  • Decision-making: The Resource Management SIG represents the functional expertise across the entire domain of Resource Management. Smaller decisions can be made within the subgroups, but larger issues and issues of prioritization will come to the Resource Management SIG for review and input. The RM SIG also provides feedback and guidance to develop occuring in other areas of FOLIO (e.g., Inventory).

The Work of the Resource Management SIG is large enough it has been broken down into several working areas, with subgroups devoted to these areas. Except as noted, subgroups are open to all interested individuals. Minutes from meetings will be posted to the wiki. New subgroups can be formed and existing subgroups’ work can be concluded as deemed appropriate by the RM SIG.

Acquisitions Small Group

  • Convener: Ann-Marie Breaux

  • PO: Dennis Bridges, Stacks

  • Meeting: Meets multiple times per week

  • Scope: To refine acquisitions workflows for all resource types (orders, receiving, payments, claims, financial management)

  • Membership: Regular members are kept deliberately small and are open by invitation.

  • Decision-making: As workflows, interfaces, and functionality are refined, they are brought to the larger Resource Management SIG for review and comment

ERM Subgroup

  • Conveners: Martina Schildt and Martina Tumulla

  • PO: Owen Stephens

  • Meeting: Wednesday at 8 AM ET

  • Scope: Focus on functionality needed to support electronic resources, developing workflows, functionality and interfaces in the areas of Agreements, Licenses, and Entitlements

  • Membership: Open to all members

  • Decision-making: Decisions made specifically limited to ERM apps occur within the group, but larger interaction decisions coming to the Resource Management SIG for review and comment.

App Interaction Group

  • Convener: Martina Schildt

  • PO: No specific PO, but rather opportunity to review app interactions among all POs and conveners

  • Meeting: weekly meeting, Friday, 11:15 AM ET

  • Scope: Review data flows and workflows between ERM, Inventory and Acquisitions

  • Membership: POs, conveners, and development leads for ERM, Inventory, and Acquisitions; others by invitation.

  • Decision-making: Review of workflows to clarify app interactions

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